Pakistan Made Google Maps Rival Set to Expand to Three New Countries

TPL Trakker is planning to expand its mapping services to Bangladesh, Iran and Sri Lanka within the next three years.

After making a splash in Pakistan, as seen recently with the TPL Maps service that aims to compete with Google Maps, TPL Trakkers is looking to expand and target other countries.


TPL Maps is the Pakistan’s first indigenously developed digital mapping solution. The maps service features real-time intelligent routing, periodic traffic updates, turn-by-turn navigation options and smart search.

A team of 100 dedicated IT and GIS analysts invested 22,000 hours to research and collect data over the past 15 years to create TPL Maps. The application boasts 1.5 million points of interest, which is higher than any other mapping service present in Pakistan.


Muhammad Ali Jameel, TPL Trakker Ltd CEO in an interview said,:

“My short-term objective is not to look at maps just for Pakistan, but for all areas where people are not active.”

In hopes to challenge Google Maps and become the most frequently used mobile maps app, the company’s application now also offers diverse services such as food delivery and e-commerce.

Expressing the need to remain innovative, Muhammad Ali said that the objective is “to have world class maps and have data that is semi-local, but will have better quality than anybody else” and “to get people hooked onto the maps because of the features.”

One of the features that TPL Maps provides is navigation tips throughout the journey which is currently being utilized by Toyota’s Pakistani arm. Muhammad Ali said that another automobile company is interested in their navigation system.

The application is free of cost yet the company is set to begin generating revenue within six months.

However, the company’s shares in the market have fallen by 19% this year. Stocks fell 0.3 percent to 12.02 Pakistan rupees.

“Mapping is a sensitive business,” said Muhammad Ali, referring to how TPL had to wait eight years to get permission from the government’s mapping organization Survey of Pakistan. After getting their authorization earlier in the year, TPL Maps was launched.

Moreover, Muhammad Ali disclosed that the company is aiming to start high-end residential building construction as well. The construction project is set to launch in January, and it is aiming to fetch the highest rent in Karachi.

“The market of property has doubled in recent times in the coastal areas which, previously, had been struggling to recover from sectarian violence, bombings and kidnappings,” he said.

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  • I visited the web site of MPL Maps and was shocked ti see gross errors on TPL Maps. The location of Askari 10 in Lahore is wrong. Abid Majid Road is nowhere. Many other errors. I do not find any reason to prefer TPL Maps to Google Maps.
    I sent them a message and that is what I got:

    Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:

    [email protected]
    The recipient’s mailbox is full and can’t accept messages now.

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