PTCL Shuts Down its Charji Services in Selected Cities

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has suspended its Charji services in four cities, we have checked.

According to details we have received, Charji services in select cities are discontinued for time being. EVO and Nitro services, however, will remain operational as usual.

Sources told us that Charji services in Multan, Gujranwala, Faisalabad and Peshawar are currently suspended.

When asked about Charji services, a PTCL spokesperson confirmed that services are indeed down. He said “Due to technical and commercial reasons, PTCL’s Charji services are currently suspended in four cities only (Multan, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Peshawar)”.

PTCL has said that it is compensating its effected Charji customers in the up-mentioned cities by providing them Rev B (Nitro service) free of charge for two months, i.e. without any reload.

In addition, PTCL is also offering FREE installation of 4Mbps unlimited internet worth Rs. 3,000 and FREE internet service till 30th November worth Rs. 4,000 to customers who had Charji devices with them.

PTCL said that if any customer doesn’t want to avail these free alternates, they can simply get the complete refund of their Charji device by visiting nearest PTCL Smart Shop and return to device to get a full refund.

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  • Maybe a merger between Telenor and Ufone would be better of… ZONG Could spend money on the remaining 10 mhz band of 1800 for 4g

  • Charji Unlock Karwa Lain
    اتصالات لوٹ کر کھا گئی ہے اس نے اربوں روپے کی ڈونگل، ونگل، کلاؤڈ، اور چار کی ڈیوائس ہی بیچنی تھی وہ بیچ دی اور تھری جی اور فور جی نے ان کی ماں مار دی ہے اب تو نیٹورک چلانے والے جنریٹر کے ڈیزل کے پیسے نہیں پورے ہو رہے کسٹمر جائیں بھاڑ میں اب یہ ٹین ڈبے چھوڑ کر بھاگیں گے انہوں نے اتنا لوٹ لیا ہے کہ انکی سات نسلیں بیٹھ کر کھائیں گی اور بھولی عوام کو یاد بھی نہیں ہو گا پاکستان میں دنیا کے کئی ممالک کے بعد تھری جی اور فور جی کے لانچ کرنے میں اتصالات کا سب سے بڑا ہاتھ تھا

  • Dear Aamir
    Few corrections in your story
    1. Below are the telecom regions which included hundreds of cities not four cities where Charji suspended.

    Faisalabad Telecom Region.(except rwp/isl)
    Gujranwala Telecom Region(whole Punjab excluding main Lahore city)
    Multan Telecom Region(whole sairaiki belt)
    Northern Telecom Region(whole KPK)
    Hyderabad and interior sindh.

    2. It’s not technical and commercial reason it’s because of illegal spectrum used by PTCL since Charji launched case already in respected court.

    3. Hundreds of users in rwp n isl Charji stopped working, it’s signals vanished . By contacting ptcl staff they suggested to go to vendor. Why they should go to vendors when devices and services bought from PTCL?

    4. It’s not for time being it’s for unlimited time may be forever.

    5. What about the millions of RS ptcl getting for this illegal spectrum from customers?

    6. This suspension was 10 days before EID and ptcl Hidden this news from customers.

    7.most important Ask PTCL about above questions and complete your story.

    • I was away from home, when I returned speed of my Charji device dropped to just 20kb/sec , most off time it gets only 2G signals. Before that I used to get over 500kb/sec. I thought speed will return, but its gone forever, damn PTCL. I live in Multan region :/ .

      • Yes Aown that I was trying to explain mr ProPakistani to correct his story, it was suspended 10 to 12 days before EID and dam to PTCL that they did not inform anyone. And it’s not technical or commercial issue its a issue of using illegal spectrum by PTCL since Charji lauched.
        Customer thought its temporary service issue and they keep loading Charji cards , what a fraud act by management.

        • And it’s not in Four cities ITS SUSPENDED IN FOUR REGIONS mean hundreds of cities.
          Plz ProPakistani ask PTCL and update.

  • This is bad news for charji users..
    I’m using charji unlock device since 2 years getting amazing speed with zong :D
    I never recharge ptcl sim :P :D

    • It’s already dead dear , more than 50% evo users closed their connection and switched to other mobile operators 3G and 4g. And rapidly leaving PTCL EVO.
      That’s all just because of incompetent management of PTCL.
      They have ruined the one of the oldest and largest company in pakistan. In last two years the company performance gone nose down and zero strategy and planning.
      Customer service was already in its worst condition and the poor products and pethetic marketing campaigns just burned this company.
      They reduced data limit and increased cost when 3G arrived, just imagine.
      And now finally they are proud to present the suspension of Charji services, what a poor regulatory policy.
      And the biggest crime they did not tell anyone not even the Charji users.
      PTA is sleeping they should imposed heavy fine and banned PTCL services until they give the solid justifications.

  • Etisalat choron ka Ufone pehle hi baith chuka tha. PTCL DSL ka chehlum b guzar chuka aur ab Charji ka b dehaant ho gaya. Raam Raam Satya ho gaya Etisalat ka toh

  • Please read the spokesperson statement, the height of incompetency and lie.
    They think people are stupid to believe, at least some strong and mature statement should come out as it’s the worst situation in PTCL history.
    Technical and commercial reasons, can he explain what is technical and commercial reasons?? if it’s technically weak then why they launched? And if it’s commercially not feseable then why they have spent more than a billion rupees till now on its marketing campaigns and billions on infrastructure.
    They abused the public money.
    Is there anyone who can ask them and investigate the commercial department and technical department??? What CCO and CTO have done with this company?
    GOVT is sleeping.

  • What a country. PTA, the Regulatory Authority is sleeping. Etisalat after making billions only from sale of charji devices shut down their 4G LTE services in major cities of Pakistan without prior notification to any customer.
    Etisalat was the main hurdle in the launch of 3G/4G services in Pakistan. Pakistan became 3rd world in telecom sector as the 3G/4G was launched recently in 2014 after delay of 10 to 15 years in 3G Global launch and 8 years in 4G global launch.
    On the other hand PTCL became the worst pathetic service provider of DSL, EVO service provider with least customer satisfaction service sector. Still PTCL is earning billions in other sectors. Ufone become totally dead. Ufone will soon be going to vanished away from the chapter of telecom operator in Pakistan. Government must look after this back haul or otherwise Government will lose it 51% stake with the worst policies of Etisalat.

  • Why you people prefer Zong?
    Zong works quite well, but there is very big problem with zong internet, many sites do not work without VPN, mostly show server error and timeouts, I tried on all devices.

  • Now after reading this i am positive that the rumors about Zong buying PTCL have got some weight. That’s the only way PTCL can save itself now.

    • The response from PTCL is so delayed and immature that it’s like there is no PR dept exist in the company.
      They dined this news after a month.
      And everybody still believed that they are still making false statements as per there track record.

  • It would be a blessing for Pakistan if PTCL shuts down its service completely. PTCL, as any other govt department, is a lost cause.

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