5 Tools to Help You Build Your Own Professional Website Without Coding

Want to design your own website but don’t know any programming language?

Freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses often don’t have any physical offices. What’s more, they also need to market their skills, expertise or products but only have small budgets to advertise on billboards, distribute flyers etc. Having a web presence is the solution to this problem. They can market to a much larger audience and save costs.

Here are some designing tools you can use for your business venture. The cost of designing a website will be easily covered by the returns you get due to good website, user experience, positive impressions and ease of marketing.

1. Wix


Wix offers the best overall experience for website building needs. It offers a large selection of 510 professional website templates to choose from. They also offer very good support and help, featuring help buttons which are easily accessible.

The main point is the drag and drop interface. It’s so easy to design your own website or customise a template that you would be left wondering, why didn’t you know about it sooner.

  • Connect domain (for basic use) $4.5o per month
  • Combo (for personal use) $8.50 per month
  • Unlimited (for entrepreneurs and freelancers) $12.50 per month
  • eCommerce (for small businesses) $16.50 per month
  • VIP (includes everything) $24.50 per month

For more details you can visit their pricing information page here.

2. Squarespace


The focus is on design on this one. Squarespace offers minimalistic, beautiful looking designs that are modern, and mobile responsive. This can help a lot if you require a mobile responsive website which alters according to the resolution of the device.

There are also a variety of styling options available and Squarespace offers some of the best customization options amongst all other website design tools.

  • Personal package at $12 per month on a yearly contract ($16/month without a contract)
  • Business package at $18 per month, yearly ($26/month without a contract)
  • Basic package for online stores at $26 per month, yearly ($30/month without a contract)
  • Advanced package for online stores at $40 per month, yearly ($46/month without a contract)

Head over to the pricing page for more details regarding the packages here.

3. Weebly


What separates Weebly from the other website designing tools is its user friendliness. It is the easiest tool to use and does not overwhelm you with excessive options or toolbars. It also offers drag and drop functionality for ease of use.

Like Squarespace, Weebly also has mobile responsive page designs for you to use. If you don’t know what to do or which designs to use, you can use the pre-designed layouts provided by them as a starting point.

  • Free package (few features, has customization tools)
  • Starter package $8 per month (can connect to your domain, more site stats)
  • Pro package $12 per month (professional multimedia features)
  • Business package $25 per month (fully integrated eCommerce and full feature set)
  • Performance package $49 per month (large scale websites, includes email marketing as well)

More details are available here.

4. Jimdo


Although the level of customization, user friendliness or best overall experience is not the focus, Jimdo still has something that sets them apart from the rest. It offers very strong tools for online stores and ecommerce websites in general.

In addition, it also has a very large community forum which can help or guide you in designing the right kind of website suiting your needs.

  • Jimdo Free, as it says, its free. Gives access to tools for free
  • Jimdo Pro, $7.50 per month, billed yearly. Aimed at bloggers and freelancers.
  • Jimdo Business, $20 per month, also billed annually. For businesses and online stores.

Details for these packages are available here.

5. Strikingly


Ever stumbled upon a single page website? No not the pathetic kind.

Strikingly’s own website can serve as an example for these one page websites, the good kind.

They specialize in one page websites as you may have already guessed and they are the best in the category for it. Other features available on this webpage designing tool are not that great though.


They offer packages on a monthly basis, annual basis and biannual basis.

Monthly packages:

  • Free, Strikingly.com domain and basic features
  • Limited, $12 per month more bandwidth with ability to connect custom domain
  • Pro, $20 per month unlimited bandwidth with premium features

Yearly packages:

  • Free, same as above mentioned package
  • Limited, $8 per month, same as above
  • Pro, $16 per month, same as above

2 year packages:

  • Free, same as above
  • Limited, $7 per month, same as above
  • Pro, $14 per month, same as above

Do you know of any other better online web design tools? Are they free? Share in comments below.

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  • user can build website on WordPress. using some premium themes and plugins like visual composer and page builder. but for custom functionality professional developer and designer will need.

  • For professional work you’ll need some professional developer or proper web knowledge.
    These kind of services can be good only for personal level of sites.

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