PITB’s Herself Initiative for Women Entrepreneurs Concludes First Cohort

Herself is an initiative by Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), aiming to provide training to women to develop sustainable and thriving business projects from home. The need of this initiative was felt when the statistics of entrepreneurs and freelancers showed notable discrepancy in ratios of women with men. The idea of the project is to provide these women a platform to learn from the trainings and workshops and eventually convert their ideas into powerful businesses.

After the official launch, Herself opened online applications and held interviews with selected candidates, who were further shortlisted for the training. They were trained on a variety of topics from marketing to finance.

Heerself launched the next cycle of trainings at the ceremony held on 28th September at Arfa Software Technology Park in which prominent women of our society were invited to share their reviews and guidelines for the women. Hirra Babar, co-founder SMAG, Rameeza Mueen, CEO at Transparent Hands, and Sana Mela participated in the panel discussion on the topic “Breaking Social Barriers” moderated by Zainab Tariq, Assistant Program Manager plan9.

The ladies discussed their journeys and gave advice on how to step ahead in this society. Rameeza Mueen told the women “Be confident. It comes with self-esteem. Do not indulge in self-pity”. Sana Mela advised the women that “You have to learn to identify your goals every day. It will keep you focused.” This was followed by Hirra Babar’s statement that “We all put up a face but at the end of the day we need to be true to ourselves.”

There was a Business Idea Competition among three girls of the graduated cohort who were shortlisted after a defined procedure. Mir Rawtah, a final year student of FAST won the competition while Seemab Akbar and Wafa Tahir were runner ups.

Dr. Umar Saif. Chairman of Punjab Information Technology Board gave his message to the cohort:

“Go out and make us proud. You have all the potential and opportunity to do it. You have all the facilitators to help you get through dark days. However you will have to go through repeated failures till you become successful.” – Dr. Umar Saif

The applications are now open for the next cycle in which all aspiring women are encouraged to apply. There is no age limit and the trainings are free.

Apply for the second cohort here: goo.gl/RSVt9w

  • Question: How many poor/underprivileged women benefited from this ‘marvel’? Did any of them turn their fortunes around even to a negligible extent? I hope we stop playing to the gallery.
    Privileged elite never does anything meaningful for the poor. Period. If everyone starts getting richer, what would snobs do?

  • Are these the good role models for Pakistani Muslim women?

    entrepreneurship is good as it moves private money into circulation which in turn is good for the economy/jobs etc however when done from Western framework of ‘women empowerment’ it destroys families, delays in marriages and break the family unit as we see int he West today.

    we should also closely watch who fund such projects and where the money is coming from

    • hey hey hold on idiot. Do you know what was the profession of amma Khadija razi Allah anh ? She WAS entrepreneur. Just because these women in pics are wearing dress you dont like, they cant be objected upon. Only objection is that they arent doing anything beyond PR.
      Women empowerment destroys families? Really? Janab, inlaws and husbands destroy families – sometimes even kill the wives. Delay in marriage? bc most of the girls are married off when they are hardly 18. Moreover, its males who are out of control wrt lust. Neuter them first and you will not have to worry about girls marriage age.
      Breaking family unit? damn it. Making women slaves holds the family together? I pray for your wife (or wife-to-be) coz you are such a brute and ignorant. I am sure you mum suffered at the hands of your dad, but she failed to make you better than him. I have my sympathies with all of ya.

      • Hawker – No one is arguing against entrepreneurship and you are right Hazrat Khadija RA was a businesswomen and a role model for us as a mother and wife.

        As long Islamic values are maintained there is no issue and as long as we do not blindly follow western funded Women Rights agenda there is no problem.

        The situation of women in the West is for all of us to see. We must alongside “entrepreneurship” teach them their responsibilities as mother, wife, sister and daughter.

        And for everything else you have written – it seems i have touched a dukhti rugg?

  • This is a good initiative by PITB towards women empowerment. eBids Pakistan is also helping women entrepreneurs to open free online stores to sell products across Pakistan through Cash on Delivery.

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