PTA Issues SOPs for Point to Point Communication over ISM Band

PTA has allowed the establishment and the installation of outdoor Point to Point Wireless Link(s) by telecom operators, mainly the cellular companies and Local Loop (fixed and wireless telephone operators) and Data-CVAS License holders), to be operated in compliance with Industrial Scientific and Medical (ISM) band.

This step will promote advance application of services offered by telecom operators on their networks to connect and operate different devices, equipment and appliances for commercial and non-commercial purposes on ISM bands.

Point to point wireless links connect two locations through (signals) line of sight (LOS) operation on the industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio bands — reserved internationally for the use of radio frequency (RF) energy for industrial, scientific and medical purposes other than telecommunications.

The use of ISM bands are increasing worldwide particularly for short-range and low power communications systems. Cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, Near Field communication (NFC) devices, wireless garage door openers, wireless microphones, vehicle tracking and amateur radio and wireless computer networks.

Terms for Setting up Communication on ISM Band

  • Prior to commencement of services, these outdoor Point to Point Links will be registered with Frequency Allocation Board (FAB) through PTA.
  • An outdoor Point to Point Link will be installed with prior approval of concerned Municipal Authorities and/or owner of the property/building.
  • Operators will apply for registration of all those Links established prior to issuance of this SOP within three (3) months of the issuance of this SOP.
  • According to PTA, the already established links will remain operational during this period.
  • Operators will close / dismantle any of its already established links, if not approved by FAB.
  • After expiry of six (6) months, any unregistered Point to Point Link will be considered illegal.
  • PTA/FAB will then carry out inspection/survey to find any unregistered Point to Point Link(s) in ISM band and initiate appropriate actions and/or legal proceedings against unregistered Links users.

PTA may order closure of links either permanently or temporarily for security concerns, on violation of the Rules, Regulations, SOPs,or PTA’s directives and/or on the policy directives of the Government of Pakistan.

For commencement of services on ISM bands, complete details could be read here.

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