PEMRA to Cancel TV Licenses Without Notice for Airing Indian Content

PEMRA has issued a statement saying that TV channels will have their licenses cancelled if any illegal Indian content or Indian TV show is aired by any broadcaster.

This step will be taken in accordance with PEMRA Ordinance Section 30(3).

The authoritative committee had advised that Chairman is given the special authority to revoke or suspend TV licenses without a show cause notice or warning if any TV channel violates PEMRA regulations regarding Indian content.

PEMRA will revoke TV licenses if any illegal Indian content or channel is aired

The media regulation authority has been allowed to take such steps and will start taking action against any violators after 15th October 2016.

TV service providers will also fall under PEMRA enforcement and will to provide any Indian channels without permission.

Previously, PEMRA made an announcement on 31st August 2016 that airing of any illegal Indian channels or Indian content (with more than 6 percent of air time in a day) will be prohibited.

With respect to the recent relations between Pakistan and India and how our neighbour has violated cross border regulations, PEMRA has also advised the public to refrain from watching Indian channels and dramas.

Public has also been asking PEMRA to implement its regulations more strictly and stop the broadcast of Indian channels and content in Pakistan.

We reported yesterday that PEMRA had asked the federal government to cancel the previous policy regarding Indian channels and block all Indian content including movies, dramas, channels and ads from airing in Pakistan.

India has been actively blocking all Pakistani content inside its borders and has even forced Pakistani artists and sportsmen to exit the country immediately. Any content which even includes a Pakistani artist has been banned in India.

From October 16th onwards, PEMRA will have the authority to take action immediately and cancel or suspend licenses without a show cause notice prior to it. All Licensees will be informed of the new regulations beforehand and thus any violation will be strictly handled.

A copy of the PEMRA notification document is attached below:


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    • When they get banned, the channel and the opposition start to complain.

      No win situation is created for the government.

      What to do ?

          • dont keep on scratching others back scratch ur back and see what now a days going on its very excellent action if any one has any little gairat and izat in that person should appreciate the action of pemra cuze this bloody indian industry has destroy our film our music now our dramas was effecting very badly and yes even all the adds of product also from india what is this nonsense dont we have any guts to do any thing and i only says to pemra hope this action is forever cuze what ever u do for india to keep gud relation they are kafir and in quran its mention that yeh tumhara khula dushman hai and we pakistani are not even begairat we are blind also who keep on arguing on this great action

  • According to Pemra rules, they cannot air Foreign content more than one hour in hindi, but when you play television you find 24 hour indian content… Because pemra does not consider india a foreign state… Atoot ang…!! Shame

  • That’s a great News. We should stop watching all the indian rubbish. Start Promoting Pakistan made dramas movies and music. Hope Pemra will start implementing this soon.

  • Well done PEMRA we support you this act, Indian movies & dramas are morally killing our society & it has to banned permanently even after peace. We will be really grateful if PEMRA consider our request.

  • yes we shouldn`t watch Indian content because we are on our way make or dramas and other things like Indians so enjoy the Hell

  • I believe PEMRA is an impotent bullshitter of an organization which will ban Paki talk shows and hosts just like that but will take months to wake up and take off Indian and other objectionable content. Secondly, I can still see channels which show indian content all day long dramas after dramas and what about the continous showings of indian ads?

    PEMRA can surely kiss a gorilla’s ass

  • I appreciate it which has been taken right decision at the right time and one more thing i would like to request that all Indian channels including movies should also be banned.

  • the government should not only ban shows but the real thing is THE MOVIES.IN CINEMAS…PLZ REQUEST FOR THIER COMPLETE BAN

    • If you need entertainment, go to India & lick Moodi’s shoes in exchange of entertainment. What an Idiot.

    • faheem ahmed ap jasy logo ki gairat kab jagay gi kab ap sirf aur sirf pakistani ban kay sochay gay wo ap kay musalamano ko waha pay cow shit khila rahy hai just because they are muslim recently they have killed a young boy only on mentioning some comments on fb page and ap keh rahy hai u need entertainment kia ap ko yeh acha lagta hai jab indian drama mai aisy sharmnak dialogue aty hai ya un ki movies when u watch with ur family koi sharam ati hai ky nahe tabah kar kay rakh dia hai in logo nay humara mashra aur tehzeeb ka to pata hi nahe ab ab to jago paksitanio apni gairat ki hifazat tum nahe karo gay to koi nahe kary ga any wala kall jab tumhair bete tum ko kehy gi ky mai apny boyfriend kay sath ja rahe ho to tum ko us waqt pata chaly ga kay tum ny kis mashray kay favour mai bat ki the

    • mr faheem ahmad sorry i misunderstand ur point and reply not up to ur request so kindly ignore my down statment

  • FINALLY!! Now they should ban release of all indian movies as well in Pakistan. Then pemra needs to take action against immoral pakistani content as well, starting with banning Sanam Jung & Nida yadir’s pathetic & miserable morning shows.

    Turkish sh*t must also be banned on Pakistani channels. 75% turkish content is obscene anyways, short skirts, blurred breasts, seriously how can Pemra ignore this all???

    • mr rizwan all the turkish dramas are not vulgar watch see tv and see how informative dramas they are presenting especially choti si qayamat and mehek did u ever watch see tv , the contribution of see tv is only channel who are showing our right path rest of the channel only entertaining but see tv is informative channel in this world and here after so dont criticize all turkish dramas its 1000 times better then indian bloody hell

  • Its very very excellent action of pemra as pemra has gona take action against those channels who are not follwoing the rules of pemra so what about urdu 1 channel and express channel some star movie channels still showing indian dramas so what about them are they free from these rules why not taking action agaist them and one thing more when those adds are gona band who has been made by india so kindly should take action in future for new adds to make in pakistan not indian adds are publish on our pakistani channels cuze we dont want to see their faces even again saying gud action and bold action taken we are very greatfull this will reverse our film industrey and music as well

  • pemra should also take action against those channels who are still showing indian dramas like urdu 1 , express, geo kahani, ajj drama channel ,kindly just check it out we dont want even single peace from indian hope u scrutinize them as well

  • AS on this disiccion total band on all indian programmes and their music is excellent action of PEMRA i hope this wont be for time period and it will go on forever cuze if again they will change their rules then beleive me we being a pakistan will shut those channels form our cable network if u guys all agreed with me stand and shake hands on my comments cuze we are not begiarat nor we are zameer farosh qomme when the matter comes as a pakistani we only knows this is Qaide-e-azam ka Pakistan we dont want to listen a single word of indian music in our fm stations nor on any channels as shahzeb khanzada was shouting in his programme defending indian programmes this is because these channels are getting indian funding for projection indian culture in our system and that day is not far when our childrens will say namastay insted of Assalam u alikum so be aware and all those FM Radios they are begairat them self who only play indian music doesn’t they have our won filmi songs our films are since 1947 and we have such a classic music in industry we have such a great ghazal singers and these fm 100 used to present nigh ghazal time in the bigning with sharei and ppl used to call in night it was such a beautiful programe gone on air but now there is no such programmes which pleased paksitani ppl so pemra should be as strilck as they are now only paksitani music this way we can get rivival of our music all those singers who are vellay now will come in competition and bring their music our best singers Abrar-ul-haq hassan jahangir. saleem javaid, amir saleem, tahseen jawaid , Alamgir, ali azmat , Amir zaki,Arshad mehmood , anie khalid ,MohammAd ali shaeki , rabi perzada, raheem shah, Sajad ali and many more like nazia hassan , Ahmad rushdi, madam noor jahan, masood rana, these are voice which has given the best in this country where all them are burried some are died but those who are alive plz plz plz i request pemra to let them live and bring them back in music only these rules can bring our music and our films and our culture back and i request one thing more from pemra that the channel JALWA they present such a voulgure dances of english songs plz control this channels this is muslim state so these things shouldint been shown in our channels and they should take some mesures on bringing more dramas and films of turkish and irani dramas and films should be introduce in our channels cuze they are muslim and they will help alot in bringing manners in paksitan like See tv does , i reguest urdu 1 and more channels to bring more and more turkish dramas and irani dramas and fill tooo thanks q PEMRA

  • Reading all discussion i totally agree with those patriots who speak in the favour of PEMRA action and i being a pakistani i was sick and tired with all these indian channels and their programs and their FM radio playing only indian i was thinking are we dead ppl our aur zameen are sleeping or we r lost ppl who dont have any customs and traditions nor we have any culture are we adopting all from others are we so ulger that we dont feel shame sitting beside our family our father brother and watching shameful dialogue or watching shameful nude dressing what is this are we total begairat ppl or our pakistani man has become idiots who dont know how to safe their homes from this vulgarity so i should thank to Allah that he has listen our duwa and this action has taken and if i say again pemra will reverse towards the same then i will no doubt to say they dont have guts to save their family traditions and save their generation cuze this is not damaging single paksitani this is damaging their family tradition also who are making these laws so i congratulate pemra for such a great action , and i suggest all those stations and channels to show pakistani music we had such a great and energetic music and our history is full of legends they should play all those songs which was used to play in 60s 70s 80s 90s 2000 till yet we love to listn those songs and ghazals and they should now promote our singers who mostly have left pakistan to bring music back to our station and our pop singers like alamgir , mohammad ali shiekhi, abrar, tehseen jawaid, saleem jawaid, amir zaki, amir saleem and many more such a valuable ghazal singers where all r gone this is only way to revive our music our ghazals if they want to follow indian music then follow their respect also which they give to their legends the way they value them does any in our generation knows who is gulam ali , rajab ali, nayara noor, ifrahim , tena sani , muni begum, no i think at the age of 20 teanager they only know atif aslam , whose fault is this teanagers or our so called planners of this country who rules and implement laws so i think after this long speach pemra will think twice of bringing them back

  • is mulk ke government chahati hai. nojawan karobari ya apne pairon pe khare na hoon… katoora leke hum se beekh mangain.. jese ke benazeer ke nam se bikh milta hai.. is pakistan mulk me….

  • ye PTV koi chanal hai??? best indian chanals. masjid wale b PTV chanal ke tax barte hain sharam ani chahiye is pakistan ke government… ye koi tarika nai hai dokan daroon ko tankid krna… government offisor ki tara hamare haram ke pese nai hain…

    • Amir sahab what i understand from ur letter u accusing PTV and appreciating indian channel am i right if u up to the statement then u should move towards india and enjoy ur life their ppl like u doesn’t deserve pakistan

  • AS pemra mention on this page that if any channel display indian material their licence will be band so i dont knnow pemra pay attention towards MAX channel who playing indian film as il saw this yesterday on 10th nov , why they showing arnt they following rules are they are eliminated from pemra rules kindly let me know if ay pemra admin see my msg

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