PIA CEO Had been Working Without Any Security Clearance

The acting CEO and COO of PIA had been performing his duties without an official security clearance.

PIA CEO Bernd Hildenbrand had been working without a security clearance from February 2016. He did not have a security clearance from the ministry of interior.

The minister in charge of the Aviation division gave a written reply to the National Assembly on Monday. He said that according to Air Navigation Order 001, a security clearance is required for a director or CEO of any airline registered in Pakistan if they are not of Pakistani nationality and are foreigners.

Security clearance finally received

The Aviation Division has requested an NOC for PIA’s CEO Bernd Hildenbrand from the Ministry of Interior however they are still waiting for a response. The Aviation Minister added that the Aviation Division had been pursuing this case consistently. Danyal Gilani, official spokesperson for PIA said that the Interior Ministry has granted the CEO a security clearance, vide office memorandum no 1/1/2010-PE-II on September 30th.

It is worth noting that PIA has no permanent CEO which is why the COO of the local airline, Hildenbrand, is given the charge of a CEO as well, according to the Aviation Minister. He worked in several different countries in his career including but not limited to India. He was hired on a 2 year contract after all the required formalities were fulfilled in February this year.

PIA turning over a new leaf?

PIA inaugurated its premier service on August 14th. The service was inaugurated officially by PM Nawaz Sharif and used Airbus A330’s acquired through a wet lease from Sri Lanka. The airline is now acquiring Boeing 777’s and 787’s with rumors circulating that the wet lease of Airbus planes with Sri Lanka to be terminated. The airline seems to be slowly turning its losses into profits, as evident from the acquisition of new planes.

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  • “The airline seems to be slowly turning its losses into profits, as evident from the acquisition of new planes.”

    Acquisition of new planes does not necessarily mean turning losses into profits.

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