Boeing Confirms 777 and 787 Planes for PIA Premier Service

Boeing, the maker of the 777 and 787 aircrafts, has agreed to lease a combination of 777 and 787 aircraft to Pakistan International Airlines, a tweet by PTV News has claimed.

From earlier reports, we know that Pakistan International Airline was interested in inducting eight 787 aircraft in the fleet, in favor of a 2012 order for 777s.

PIA had ordered five 777s in 2012, however, Boeing offered Pakistan International Airline to go for 787s instead of 777s.

And now it is being hinted that Pakistan International Airlines might go for both 787s and 777s in a renewed deal with Boeing.

PIA had asked Boeing to confirm if 787s could fly non-stop from Toronto to Lahore/Karachi and apparently the company has received a positive response.

We are also hearing rumors that PIA might cancel its wet-lease with Sri Lankan Airline, under which PIA had gotten three A330 aircraft for its premier service.

With new arrangement with Boeing — and five AirBus 310s being retired — PIA would be all good to deploy 777s for premier service, while 787s could be used for long-haul flights to US, Europe and eastern routes.

With more upgraded aircraft, sources tell, PIA could extend PIA premier service routes to destinations beyond London.

PIA’s Premier service, inaugurated just this August, operates from London to Islamabad and Lahore.

With five Airbus 310s grounded earlier this month, PIA now has 33 aircraft and the national carrier is aiming to grow to 60 aircraft by 2020 and more than 100 by 2025.

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  • Where is the money coming from? PIA wasn’t able to pay for their 2012 order and how are they expecting to pay for this mixed order?

  • Has the new PIA chairman come from India? There are reports that his wife is still serving in Indian Airline?

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