Careem Gets Sued By Lahore-based Lawyer for Rs. 2.5 Million

It seems that Careem is finally seeing legal action over its car-hailing service, which has attracted both admirers and detractors based on how their ride has gone.

Now a Lahore-based lawyer has finally had enough after facing trouble with Careem’s services in a timely manner.

Under the Punjab Consumer Protection Act 2005, the lawyer has filed a case against Careem in a local consumer court, seeking damages worth Rs. 2.5 million.

The lawyer alleges that Careem’s bad service has resulted in him suffering losses – both monetary and reputation-wise – as the service has let him down when he needed them.

Mian Kashif Ashfaq, the lawyer, approached the Lahore District Consumer court to entertain his petition as per media reports. In his complaint, he states that he booked rides with Careem using their mobile app on three different dates:

  • May 16
  • August 15
  • August 23

He alleges that the service failed to reach on time on all these dates.

Recently, the gentleman says, he had an urgent meeting with a client on September 19, which he also failed to attend due to ‘negligence’ displayed by Careem’s customer support. He scalims that the company terminated his ride without his permission.

Being treated like this, Kashif served Careem with a legal notice seeking compensation for the losses caused to his reputation and his earning. Till the filing of this report, Careem has not responded to the legal notice.

“Petitioner was shocked by the ineptness and delinquency of the said representative of Careem….who on his own sweet will canceled the ride of the petitioner without reckoning anything and charged the petitioner with Rs 150 cancellation fee.”

Careem and its competitors have faced a raft of similar complaints in the past. In fact, some passengers also reported being threatened or harassed by drivers as well. If such ride hailing services are to succeed, they must take serious steps to ensure that their services are timely and managed by professionals.

Via Daily Pakistan

  • I 100% agree with lawyer – same-thing happened to me with A-Taxi and this happened twice. I faced lot of embarrassment.

  • I would recommend a lawyer to learn some work ethics. If he really wanted to attend compulsory meetings, There are hell out of services available in the form of Usual Taxi..

  • Interesting. Now my point shall stand proven that these ride hailing services are unregistered and unmonitored and far away of reach of our laws. They shall simply pass the buck and get away scott free. Only respective drivers shall face the music.

  • Well people should be thankful to have such international service in Pk! Yaad hay wo zamana jub taxio k peechay bhagtay thay! Careem is a way much better then them.. Kabhi kabhi hojata hy aisa! Humay maaf kernay ki addat honi chahiye, na k itni achi services k khilaf koe action. too bad! Shukar kero Nawaz Sharif allowed such services in the country!

  • 2.5 Mil petition…………huh……….its not America. Mr lawyer consider the ground realities of our nation

    • Also in america, he may not get such a big amount in compensation i.e. 2.5 million as careem could not even think that by arriving late, his client i.e. lawyer will bear a loss of 2.5 million. The loss was simply not forseeable by careem

  • Most lame case in the history, i guess. CAREEM is one of the best and unique services in our third world country. If your meeting was so important then you should rely on your own source. I have used CAREEM multiple times and found it the BEST!

  • This is only good if general public learn from this to go to consumer court for their rights of living. And I am afraid this won’t be like that anytime soon. But wonder if it happens at once, consumer courts in Pakistan will go shut for overload. Till then, best of luck Careem, you have troubled a LAWYER :)

  • don’t you notice that propakistani is actually working for uber and against of careem?? check another article like spokesperson of Uber.

  • hahahahahah ye itna bara businessman hy tu apni car mian kun nahi gia ( damages worth Rs. 2.5 million.) ka nqsannnnn hahaha

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