Telenor Launches 4G Wingle and Mobile WiFi Devices with upto 180GBs Data Limit

Telenor today announced the availability of its portable 4G devices in Pakistan that are branded as Telenor “Telenor 4G Hotspot Wingle” and “4G Hotspot Mobile Wifi”.

Both devices will come with data only SIMs and will be able run Telenor’s special 4G packages with up to 180GBs of data limit per month.

Before we go ahead, let’s know the difference between both the devices:

  • 4G Hotspot Wingle
    • Will work only when plugged in a laptop or a (USB) power source
    • Will create WiFi hotsport for up to 10 connections
    • 4G/3G/2G Fall back option
  • 4G Hotspot Mobile Wifi
    • Can be used without plugging it into any power source
    • Simply press a button to put it on
    • Operates on a battery and hence will need charging
    • Connect up to 16 Wi-Fi devices
    • 1500mAh rechargeable lithium battery
    • Maximum Working Time: 6 hours
    • Maximum Standby Time: 300 hours
    • 4G/3G/2G Fall back option


One time prices for both the devices are as following:

  • 4G Hotspot Wingle: Rs. 2,000
  • 4G Hotspot Mobile Wifi: Rs. 3,000

Telenor 4G Wingle and Mobile Wifi Packages:

Below are Telenor’s special packages for 4G Wingle and 4G Mobile WiFi devices. These plans can be availed with both the devices.


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  • Still zong is offering great packages and zong has already captured the market share. If telenor wants to give a tough time to zong so they have to give more competitive packages.

  • warid is giving 60GB(50+10GB add on) for just 2000PKR, and has lightening speed.
    Telenor has better rural 3G coverage

  • What are they thinking when Zong 4g Lte is already conquering the market with much lower rates with and more data limits ???

  • Can anyone recommend which Internet service to go for?
    I have been using PTCL EVO for quite long & I no longer can tolerate their pathetic service.
    I have read good reviews about Zong’s 4G. Has someone experienced it personally?

    • YES…I have used zong 4g …the best internet speed i had ever…minimum 24mb…but i always ran out of juice…thats why i switched to witribe …with around 200GB limit …5Mb package in 2600 approximately (tax included)…so far its a good experience with witribe …but what can we expect as its not fair to compare it with zong 4g..but witribe is not stable its speed fluctuate a lot some times ..they provide 3 days trial …call any agent of witribe and they will provide u trial at home…if u see the signals and speed is good then go on.

  • If they can lower prices and speed only then ppl Will go for it.
    Otherwise Zong is best for the time being.

    • RIP EVO! You shouldn’t be using it anymore. I wonder how you put it up with since this long!! That 2200 for 55 GB isn’t a bad deal provided you’re getting good 4G speed.

    • EVO is cheap pwhen you dont need extra volume. Brother using it at home for browsing only. 25GB for 1250 since 2013. Aakhr main data kbi khtm bhi ho jata hai pr price ke lehaz sy best hai.

  • Zong is offering 24GB in Rs.1500 and Mobilink offering 30GB in Rs.1500/- and now Telenor comes up with only 20GB in Rs.1500/-

    Why limited data??? They should introduce atleast 70GB in Rs.1500/-

  • After reading Telenor 4G devices packages and experiencing their 5 MHz pathetic 4G speed (they are using 5 MHz for 3G of 850 MHz) I have reached to the conclusion that Telenor is in no mood to be a part of Data services war going be held in near future between Zong and Mobilink, and will sit on number 3 spot comfortably as Zong will surpass Telenor in few years. With this approach Telenor will soon become another Warid and Ufone of the Market. #RIPTelenor

  • Telenor needs to understand that days of revenue from voice services are short now, Future belongs to Data services like LTE and VoLTE as every upcoming smarphone with price greater than 10K is 4G enabled, so its a matter of 2-3 more years when every smartphone will be 4G and that will be the time when Mobilink and Zong will introduce VoLTE and their voice load will also shift to LTE.
    This is the reason Zong is branding itself as Data company to exploit market in future, a perfect example of market reading.
    Mobilink’s decision to buy Warid may or may not be a Master Stroke, If Mobilink use its spectrum efficiently, than with huge number of users and corporate users which Zong Lacks at the moment can deffinitly keep its number one spot for a long time in future as well.
    Telenor’s supermacy will remain untill people from Rural areas aren’t using 3G/4G services, once Mobilink and Zong spread their 3G/4G in far flunge areas Telenor will die its own death.

    • I agree with you but does mobilink really has huge number of customers or it’s owning but not using the number? Every other person is using zong Ufone or telenor. And among these three only zong is having some quality in all aspects may that be voice or data. Despite being pathetic people still prefer telenor. I don’t say Ufone is too bad they are still way better than telenor. But hardly find people using mobilink around

      • Most of people have Mobilink as primary number which they bought initially at the time of mobile phone launch in their area. Now they think every body has that number of them so they can’t change it. So People are using other company’s number like Zong or Ufone for call, data and sms services. Thats the story.

    • Now its time for the Pakistani govt to auction for at least 3 other operators. 2 dost countries ki companies hain Pakistan mein ab Turkey ki bhji ajaye to kiya baat hai.

    • they have paid approximately a $100 Million more than what Zong paid to acquire it’s 4G, so they can’t offer cheap plans they need return on that invesment.

      • This is not the way to get ROI. Zong still paid more than Telenor if you cummulate 10 MHz 3G and 10 MHz 4G license price. Even Zong paid whole price of both licenses at once, and Telenor is paying in 5 Installments. Still they have invested more than Telenor So More the users, more the revenue.

  • Ufone ki tarah zaleel honge pehle …….. yaad hai 3G ke packages ufone ne 256kbps, 512kbps, 768kbps, 1Mbps, 2Mbps and so on denominations mein diye thay ……..

    akhir mein lanat pari aur pata chala speeds Mbps mein to kiya, ‘MB’ hui pari hai horahi hai to open rate kardiya doosron ki tarah …..

  • Zong, IMO, has the best rates and the biggest market share in this niche. Maybe Mobilink will shuffle things up when they bring their (Warid) 4G online. Telenor can do better than this.

  • Rates are different as Telenor is charging rs 6000 for 75gb for 3 months aamir bhai can confirm from 345

  • OMG Zong already providing better packages & better internet speed, how come telenor introduces expensive packages, why would one go with telenor while zong is already ruling the market.

  • There is no need to switch on telenor, Their 3g speed is pathetic which in my area on peak hours is 1-2mbps. They are reducing the data limit with increase in cost. As we have an example of telenor hybrid package, *345*75#, at first they offered 3gb then 2gb then 1500mb and now they are just offering 1250mb with the Pathetic speed. That zong 600rs package (6gb + 1 gb for each night= 36gb) for whole month is owsum.

  • Bhaiyo, please HELP. My monthly mobile data usage is maximum 4-5 GB. Which operator and package is recommended for me? I am in Lahore.

    • If your usage is in between 4am to 4pm you can go with Zong day time offer with 12 Rs per day and 1 GB volume. Otherwise you can go with weekly package where you will get 2 GB in Rs 100 for a week so in Rs. 400 you will get 8 GB per mobth.

      • In Karachi, kaafi jagahon pe aj kul Zong ki speed ko maut aye huye hai !! Before mbb had a speed of atleast 20mb ! Or abh 4g ki speed 3g se bhi buter hai! Start mein achi service and baad mein cheap:(

        Telenor ki coverage hai nhn as such. Despite of defence being included in coverage areas as per the published map, the code *7799# tells that 4g is not available, hence i m not taking the pains of getting a 4g ready sim at the moment.

        Also to my surprise i dont see anyone posting their telenor 4g speedtests.
        Koi istemal bhi ker ra hai ??? :p

    PKR 1,254 / Per Month
    Speed 2MB
    Limit 70 GB
    Just 20 Second i was downloaded 36 MB apps form store
    Playing youtube without buffing
    Wife + Power Bank 2600 MAH (Pocket) Battery with connected Unlimited
    devices on just 2,150 Only Battery Time 8 HOURS with One Year Warranty

    • Atleast Zong 4g is working way better in your area than Karachi !
      In my area it’s a dream to reach 10mbs consistently (defence Karachi) !!
      Enjoy :)

  • wth!!!! i only pay 500 rupees permonth and use internet unlimited cable net!! but when i go out…i already have 700 mbs per month free…bcuz i have 350rupees pakage montly zong all in one…

  • I do online gaming on devices like playstaion and xbox etc they require nat type 2 to play online,even though zong’s speed was good i had no use for it so i sold it back…..EVO chargi offered good speeds but then it suddenly dropped from 4g to 3g in Multan,lol my fate.So,I ll give Telenor 4G a try hoping that its nat type 2.I dont think most people in here will get what is nat type….BRUH.

    • i m in exactly same position please share your experience of telenor how it worked and what latency you got?

  • Hi I am using PTCL 4G Evo wingle but recently they have stopped 4G in Peshawar may be they do not have 4G license. Anyhow service is now pathetic and I want to stop paying for that. Does anybody know if we can unlock Huwaei wingle as it has a sim card and can use zong or any other internet 4G sim

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