Learn New Languages and Everything Else With Duolingo and Tiny Cards

If you’re serious about learning a foreign language, it can end up opening a lot of opportunities for you in certain countries, be it for university, job, etc.

Duolingo can help you learn a language for free. It offers in-depth language courses for many popular languages including Spanish, German, French and Italian.

The good thing about Duolingo is that if you properly learn a language following through its courses, you can become fluent in that language. Other free language learning apps don’t offer as much courses as Duolingo or often ask you to pay for them.

Introducing Duolingo Tutors


Duolingo is introducing chatbots called “tutors” to help you learn the languages. There are 3 tutors currently available in the iOS version. They are Renee the driver, Officer Ada and Chef Roberto. They are powered by AI so they get better and better the more you talk with them. This helps you personalize your experience and accelerate your learning process.

The tutors are available on the web version and on the iOS Duolingo app. The Android version has not yet received the tutor update but its coming soon.

Download Duolingo on iTunes Appstore here.

Download Duolingo on Google Play Store here.

Tiny Cards – Helps You Learn Everything


The Duolingo developers have also released another app called Tiny cards. Its a flash card app which you can use to memorize different things. The flash cards can help you revise for your test or exam quickly, help you memorize historical facts or scientific theories etc.


Tiny cards offers flash cards on a variety of topics including but not limited to, vocabulary, equations, country capitals and historical facts. There are flash cards for Chinese, which also reminds you of the way Duolingo handles their language courses, if you use it.

Overall it’s a handy app which can be useful in school or in different situations. For now the app is only available on iOS with the Android version coming very soon.

Download Tiny cards on iTunes Appstore here.

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  • There is an effort made by a Pakistani who developed an app for Android that helps in learning English Language by play puzzle games. Search for “WorDoc Game” on play store..

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