Exclusive: Uber is Launching Rickshaw Service in Pakistan

Uber is launching rickshaw service in Pakistan and Lahore will be the first city to get them, we can reveal exclusively.

While ride-hailing services like Careem and Uber are becoming increasingly popular, rickshaw service remains the cheapest and most used mode of transportation across Pakistan.

Uber Rickshaw service, billed as uberAUTO will allow the company to vastly increase its reach and appeal to the general population. Not to mention, rickshaws are an area where its chief competitor has no presence just yet.

Pakistan isn’t the first country in which Uber has added rickshaws to its fleet.

Last year, Uber launched rickshaw service under the uberAUTO brand in India starting from Delhi. They shuttered the service after six months citing issues related to scaling. They still seem to be tinkering with the idea though and this year saw uberAUTO being launched in the Indian city of Bhubaneswar.

The company also started operating rickshaw service under the uberTukTuk in Egypt earlier this year. It seems to be a bit of an evolution the ride-hailing giant has been forced to undergo to capture a sizeable market segment in emerging markets.

uberauto in pakistan

The launch of uberAUTO will be seen as a major setback to Travly, the home-grown rickshaw hailing service that operates out of Lahore. The startup raised $200,000 in seed funding from Cres Ventures only three months ago and has been differentiating itself mainly on lower pricing.

While we do not have the exact pricing for uberAUTO just yet, it will be priced lower than the Rs 6.84/km rate of uberGO. We will be sharing more details as we get them.

Talal is the Editor in Chief at ProPakistani.

  • It’s being hard for Travly :x

  • Muhammad Abd al-Hameed

    Just putting the name, Uber, on riksha door will get little success. Most customers will consider the name on the door just an advertisement, and that too in English. Uber must redesign riksha, with wider door, more comfortable seats, some space for luggage and better shock-absorbers. And put the name in Urdu, for Heaven’s sake. English-knowing people are not fond of rikshas.

  • Xeero07

    Rs 6.84/km is damn cheap..it means I can go to office in just 66 ruppee comparing to uber taxi i pay almost 250+

    • Usama Javed

      There will be base fare too, i’m sure.

    • Muneeb Raja

      6.84 is for normal uber.
      Added base fare plus surge, its not that cheap as it seams

    • usman qamar

      “Rs 6.84/km is damn cheap..it means I can go to office in just 66 ruppee comparing to uber taxi i pay almost 250+”
      really bro ? its not that simple …. no one will take u for only 66
      u see this is marketing … we all people go for the RS/km but its better to terms know before u start the ride
      despite from 6.84 /km that is really very cheap.. bro they are also charging for every minute .. u see 1Rs/ +45RS booking charges … so bro .. what if u get stuck in a road jam ??? they will charge u for every minute .. whatsoever the reason is .. road jam , traffic what so ever .. so lets assume .. the ride 5km long 6.84*5= almost 35+45 booking charging 80 + minutes of ride as i said earlier what if u got stuck in a traffic jam … 20-25 min so ride goes for 105+… be smart

      • Krish K

        they got minimum fare policy, which is 150 PKR , plus if u canceled the ride then u have to pay 150 PKR in next trip.
        but dont worry, before order u can check fare on your aap.

    • Krish K

      but minimum fare is 150 PKR. hahahaha

  • Hassam Tahir

    Travly is expensive. Costs the same as an air conditioned Uber car. And when you point that out to Travly. they troll you for fun. See facebook comments under their posts.

  • Mohammad Baig

    Rikshaw is not cheap ride it is almost equal to the taxi with a minor difference of 20%.

    • Muneeb Raja

      Kahan rehty ho bhai? Bht frq hai. DHA sy bahr nikal ke auto lea kro..

      • Muhammed Ovais Alam

        Nailed it ???

      • lol


    Anybody here who tells me that can uber give air conditioned cars in Karachi?

    • Ishtiaq

      Haan bhai sari cars air-conditioned hi hoti hain Uber ki.

  • Ishtiaq

    Somebody tell me if anybody able to pay via debit or credit card in Uber?

    • Kax Choudhry

      Yes they do accept credit card and debit card.

      • Ishtiaq

        Option tou hai per ap ne successful payment ki hai card se?

  • KMQ

    No surprise that its launching in Lahore, this has been the case for all now :-( Why no Karachi.. ?

    • Umar Farooq

      Apke liye w11 bus service ae gi :p

      • KMQ

        yaar already W11 tu hai Karachi main whats new :-)

      • Ishtiaq

        Tou tumhare liye kounsa C-130 Jahaz aye ga?

    • Arif M

      Why no karachi? That easy to answer. main concern: security issues (if not now then may be in future).

      • KMQ

        bhai abhi tu halat buhat behtar hain in Karachi. Aur future ka I am not sure aap kis tarah predict kar rahe ho. Allah kare ke aise hi rahain Karachi ke haalat.

      • Krish K

        this is there style, because when they started car service even that one started first in lahore than in karachi. i hope in coming months.

    • Krish K

      this is there style, because when they started car service even that one started first in lahore than in karachi.

  • Syed Gohar

    karachi main w11 launch kry gi uber

  • I am hating uber for this but good days are coming to lower mkddle class guys with rickshaw. Uber should start a separate app for this.

  • Rafay Memon

    Karachi brace urself uBer ChingChi coming soon!

  • When is Uber coming to Pindi/Islamabad? coz Careem is too expensive and is unable to maintain it’s quality of services.

  • Krish K

    In karachi uber service if going very well, still did not listen any bad story or complaint about it. except cancelation charges.