IMF Denies Any Relation with the Fake Award Given to Ishaq Dar

Herald Finger, International Monetary Fund (IMF) Mission chief to Pakistan, denies reports that IMF has given Ishaq Dar the Finance Minister of the year 2016 for South Asia award.

IMF took notice of the situation when finance ministry released a communiqué on 8th October which stated that Emerging Markets, the newspaper of the IMF / World Bank Annual Meeting, has declared Senator Ishaq Dar as “Finance Minister of 2016 for South Asia”.

“The Award is recognition of Pakistan’s economic performance at the IMF / World Bank Annual Meeting which is one of the major gatherings of international financial and economic leaders and experts. The finance minister has authorised Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States, Ambassador Jalil Abbas Jilani, to receive the award on his behalf,” the press release of the ministry read.

Herald addressed newsmen via video link on Thursday in which he explained that IMF has no links with the magazine “Emerging Markets”.

Corroborating Herald’s claims, Wafa Amr who is IMF’s Washington-based media contact person for Pakistan was also present at the occasion said, “The IMF is not involved with the Emerging Markets publication.”

Herald further stated various reasons indicating why Ishaq Dar is not a likely candidate to win the award. He stated that unless the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) isn’t made transparent, it will lead to an increase in external debt of Pakistan. Load-shedding issue was also raised along with reforms which are needed in the energy sector.

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  • Kahan he wo Jahil jo Well Done Ishaaq Dar ker rahe the. Ishaq Dar ke policies ne pori awam ko karzo me dubo diya ha uske bawajood ye Jahil awam Well done Nawaz Shareef or Ishaq Dar ke naray lagatay hein. Joto ke haqdar he patwari league.

  • SSyar
  • Ishtiaq

    Mujhe tou pehle hi yaqeen nahi araha tha k aisy munshi ko award mil sakta hai.

  • Azeem Ahmed

    It is really a shocking news for me that disowned by the IMF… However, Darr, Finance Minister, is really a brilliant and intelligent minister…. he has wisely controlled all monetary affairs…. it is his struggle and plans that inflation rate is stable…. All the prices on goods, vegetables, pulses are also stable for a long time… Even daily Imran khan staged the rallies and speech functions closing the main chokes of the cities and due to his such activities the economy of the country should go down but it is actually the wisdom of Darr sahib who has controlled the price hiking and economy … As he has boosted the industries of the country i dont think any minister has boosted it in the way as he is performing… so there are so many things which go on his credit .. these were very few performances which i mentioned above….

    • KMQ

      Wah Azeem bhai, kia tareef ki hai aapne Azeem Dar Sahab ki. Aap sahi keh rahe hain yeh IMF ki hi galti hai jo itni Azeem shaksiyat ko disown kar dia.

      Seekhna chahiye unko kuch aapse…

      • Ishtiaq

        Good one KMQ. But be careful tumhare duplicate aye huwey hain market main aaj kal. Nakaloon se hoshiyaar!

        • KMQ

          Aare Ishtiaq bhai tention na lain. Woh bhai ke name ke initials bhi KMQ hain is liye woh KMQ name use kar rahe hain. ab maine koi copyright thodi lagaya hua hai KMQ par :-)

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            Tum ne nahi lekin hum KMQ ka nick kisi aur ko use nahi karne dainge. Copyright hi samjho yar. Woh tumhara hi nick copy kar raha hai, we all know that. He want to be famous like u but duplicate duplicate hota hai. Jaise Ishaq Dar ka yeh award jaali hai woh KMQ bhi jaali hai. Woh bhi expose hoga aisey hi.

      • MJK

        Seems Mr Azeem is working from his office in Raiwind where they have employed people at public money to lick the boots of Sharif family…. Traitors.

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      Are you high dude? If so, then please share with us the name of the product so we can also be delusional and psychotic ^^

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        Hahaha. Good yar.

    • Apna Brain Test Kerwao.

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        Aur DNA bhi

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      qarza lekar road banao, us road ki maintanance k liye or qarza lo
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      meri taraf se jo bhi sabsy gandi wali gaali tumhy aati hy wo khud rakh lo

    • kashif
    • Responsible

      So, How would you justify the lie told by the govt.?

  • waseem

    The only award i remember for Ishaq dar was full slap on his face by a person i know very well. This m0r0n Ishaq dar really deserved it.

    • Ishtiaq

      Iska best manipulator of the Asia ka award banta hai. Bohat heera pheeri ki hai ishaq daambar ney.

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  • Neelofar Rani