COMSATS to Mirror PKNIC DNS Root Servers Within Pakistan

Following the establishment of a Gold Channel Partner relationship between COMSATS Internet Services (CIS) and PKNIC, Pakistan’s official .PK Country Code Top-level Domain (ccTLD) authority & operator, PKNIC and CIS have mutually agreed to place additional mirror servers of the authoritative root DNS server in the CIS data center infrastructure within Pakistan.

The new mirror would enhance local resolution of ‘.PK’ websites with significant benefit to users within Pakistan.

The server mirroring strategy initiated by PKNIC a few years ago, and being enhanced in collaboration with CIS, comes with major advantages including redundancy, fault tolerance and back up provisioning.

Sharing his thoughts on the development, Mr. Amir Malik, CEO of COMSATS Internet Services (CIS) said,

“We are delighted to be working closely with PKNIC as strategic channel partners to augment .PK domain name services root servers.

Through the collaboration and relationship between CIS and PKNIC, we will enable and implement additional mirroring of the Authoritative root DNS server to a local CIS server.

Our goal is to support PKNIC’s efforts to continually improve customer experience of Pakistani Internet users, by adding more edge network locations for .pk domains.

CIS infrastructure will contribute to further enhance the capacity, persistence and availability of the .PK root server systems.”

PKNIC’s management team welcomed the development and said,

“PKNIC is building on its nearly 25 years of  secure management of the .PK ccTLD for Pakistan. As more and more Pakistani Internet users, entrepreneurs, and organizations use .PK domain names we continue to enhance our network and globally distributed systems.

Working with reliable strategic channel partners and industry players like CIS, we are happy to add new mirror server capabilities within Pakistan, to enhance service resiliency and reliability of the .PK industry and ecosystem.”

  • College is talking BS. BELIEVE ME BELIEVE ME having government of Pakistan or PTA handling PK domains will make it WORSE for everyone in ethical sense. They will NOT follow any rules, they will CLOSE all oversight by public or even reputed professionals, and they will block any .pk domain they do not like. Any random moron working for PTA will be able to shutdown any domain they don’t like without any means of appeal, like they do now for web sites they block.

    • I never said that Govt/PTA should handle .pk domain registration

      I only said that operation of PKNIC should be regularized by the regulator/PTA

      Have your mobile number shut down ever by PTA/Govt?
      PTA/Govt only regulates the business of Mobile operators

      Please get some air before posting flame!

      • What a joke. If PTA only regulates mobile operators, then who regulates Internet in Pakistan??? Why do all directives on which sites to block & which broadband speeds to offer come from PTA???

        There is SIMPLY NO OTHER authority to deal with Internet matters (and that includes DNS) other than PTA.

        Please get some knowledge.

        • That is the point there must be some authority to regulate .pk domain name space

          Do you think that one-man show/ kitchen-cabinet type company is ok ?

          “There must be an administrative contact and a technical contact for each domain. For top-level domains that are country codes at least the administrative contact must reside in the country involved.”

          Please educate us using your knowledge

          • I don’t see any positive angle to PAKISTANI GOVERNMENT regulating PK domains, and you have not presented one yet.

            Certainly some administrative contacts reside in Pakistan right now otherwise this deal with COMSATS (which is ===NOT=== the first one of its kind in past five years) would not have happened.

            • What is the harm in regularizing/accreditation process by a Govt nominated body?

              By regulating the .pk domain name space

              1. We may get multiple domain registration companies offering .PK domains
              2. Healthy competition
              3. No monopoly of a single company
              4. Formulation/ legislation of rules

              5. Jobs for local talent
              6. and lot of more……..

              • Do you have anything solid at all to back up your above “pros”? I just see air thinking in your comment.

  • Also I would like to point out the funny situation:

    “PKNIC’s management team welcomed the development”

    Ok, so COMSATS person has a name, but PKNIC’s management does not??? No name to represent them??? WHAT

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