Confirmed: Apple Will Announce New Macbooks on 27th October

Apple’s Mac laptops are well known in the tech world. The Macs are so good that IBM uses more Macs than any other company.

The Cupertino, California based tech giant is set to announce their newest entries in the Mac series this October. Historically Apple has chosen October for major reveals as well. They have sent invites to various tech journalists and blogs for an event on October 21st.


The invitation is a reference to the original Macintosh which gave this greeting when Steve Jobs revealed it in 1984.

There are some rumors circling about regarding what Apple would reveal at the event. This includes an all new Macbook Pro, a new Macbook Air and new iMacs. The Airpods which Apple showed off at their iPhone event in September are also rumored to be released on the same day.

Redesigned New Macbook Pro

The Macbook Pro might see a complete redesign to match that of the Retina Macbook released last year. It is also rumored to include a touchscreen on top of the keyboard area which will replace the function keys. The touchscreen will also change its controls depending on the application you’re running at the moment. A fingerprint sensor might also be added in the new Macbook Pro which will be used for unlocking it.


Retina Macbook 2015

Aside from the touchscreen and fingerprint sensor, Macbook Pro may also have USB type-C ports in place of the regular USB ports. The Macbook Air may also see its USB ports replaced with USB type-C ports with refreshed, faster internal components.

As for the iMacs, Apple might update the specifications on them this year. No word on whether a redesign is coming for iMacs though.

Apple Preparing for a Big Announcement?

Apple’s event is coming just a day after Microsoft’s event where they are expected to announce updates and new additions to their surface line of tablets and convertibles. One can assume that Apple may have an ace up their sleeve if they are planning to hold their event just a day after Microsoft’s event.

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