You’ll Be Able to Order Food and Movie Tickets from Facebook Soon

Facebook is becoming a part of our daily lives. It grew from being a social network to connect people to a global phenomenon.

Its added more and more features with news feeds, events and even acquired big name companies like WhatsApp and Instagram. Even small businesses and entrepreneurs started using the platform as a base of operations where they market their services. One could say that if Facebook was trying to takeover the lives of everyone its doing a pretty good job at that.

In fact, it will become possible for eateries on Facebook to book orders direct from their Facebook pages.

Buy Movie Tickets and Get Food Delivered

Facebook is adding another important feature to its portfolio, food delivery.

Sharing is not as popular as it was before on Facebook, this led to the company trying something new to keep the audience engaged. Facebook is incorporating business and consumer-friendly features in response – it will let the users buy tickets to for a movie or get food delivered from one of Facebook’s partners.

Currently, the partners include Fandango Inc. and, with more being added in the future.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook recently added another quality of life feature for its user base called Marketplace. It allowed people to buy and sell stuff online similar to OLX or Ebay. Unfortunately it was taken down shortly after it was launched. This was due to people selling drugs, guns and other illegal material through the marketplace. The company apologized and said that it will get it under control.

For the Users

Facebook says that the new food delivery feature will not be used to deliver ads to the users for the time being. The social media giant also said that new features will be shaped by how the people use them. Meaning they will change the usage guidelines accordingly and keep a watch on how things are with any new feature they add.

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