Zong Crosses 1.5 Million 4G Subscribers

Zong has crossed the milestone of 1.5 Million 4G subscribers. The news was shared today at Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) Headquarters, followed by a dignified celebration ceremony.

The event was graced by Zong’s Chairman and CEO Mr. Liu Dianfeng and PTA’s Chairman Mr. Ismail Shah, amongst other dignitaries.


It is to be noted that Zong recently expanded its 4G coverage to over 200 cities nationwide and was also designated by PTA as the No.1 operator in voice and data services.

Last month, Zong announced additional investment in 1,000 4G sites which will take the overall tally of Zong’s 4G sites to over 6,000 by the end of this year, making it the largest, widest and fastest in terms of 4G coverage. Through this, the total 4G investment to date of Zong in Pakistan is going to cross USD 300 Million mark.

Underscoring Zong’s phenomenal success in the 4G arena, Zong’s Chairman and CEO Mr. Liu Dianfeng commented;

“We are proud to have achieved a remarkable milestone of more than 1.5 million 4G subscribers. Our teams have worked very hard to be able to achieve this target. Zong’s most reliable and stable network covering more than 200 cities with the fastest network speed and our commercial packages with the most affordable rates are one of the key factors in getting to this point.”

“In the future, we want to be able to continue this trend of keeping the No.1 data network position in Pakistan and add more investment on our 4G network. We have very recently announced an additional 1,000 4G sites, above and beyond our original target of 5,000 4G sites which is unparalleled amongst any operator in the country.” he further added.

Speaking on the occasion Chairman PTA Mr. Ismail Shah said; “I congratulate Zong on achieving this milestone of more than 1.5 million 4G subscribers. This is not just an achievement for Zong but also for Pakistan. Zong has been the pioneers of 4G technology in Pakistan. They are adding an additional 1,000 4G sites across Pakistan which will ensure that more than 60% of their network is converted to support 4G. This is a major milestone for Zong and will go a long way in developing the 4G ecosystem of the country.”

  • more subscribers + same infrastructure = shit service for consumers
    their bandwidth is barely able to handle the new users
    instead of getting new consumers zong should focus on their current users

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    • PTA has no plans to auction 2600 MHz in near future. Remaining 1800 MHz previously unsoled spectrum might only be sold in early next year. And yes Zong is perfectly in position for CA between 1.8 GHz and 2.6 GHz but currently only Telenor is going for CA between 0.85 GHz and 2.1 GHz of 5 MHz each.

      • Are you sure Telenor is going for CA for it’s LTE? And If it is, will it improve its LTE speeds?
        I mean in Pakistan we are having cat.4 lte currently. with CA will it be upgraded to cat6?

        • Yes Telenor is shuffling its spectrum, thats why they halted their 4G expansion. And LTE on 2100 MHz definitely has better results as compare to 850 MHz which only gives better indoor coverage. So LTE on both frequencies will enable Telenor 4G for better speed as well as coverage.
          Not sure about LTE Cat 6 because currently Warid LTE is on Cat 3 and Zong is on Cat 4. Lack of Cat 6 devices and their cheap mentality about equipments might force Telenor for Cat 4 only.

          • I really dont think telenor is going for carrier aggregation between the two spectrum

            Using two spectrum at the same time does nt necessarily mean its carrier aggregation

            If they are definitely doing CA….

            I would like to know the authentic source/reference of this information :-)

            • Well these are still rumours and only Aamir bhai could have been a proof as he said Telenir is shuffling its spectrum few days ago.
              And if its not CA Telenor is going for a dual frequency against its LTE that are 2100 MHz and 850 MHz.

  • Its not customers who made business, Its an innovative business that makes customers.
    Zong played brilliantly by going 4G at time when others were reluctant to go even for 3G. And the result is Zong has established itself successfuly as a no. 1 data company. And it will be hard for Mobilink and Telenor to catch Zong in 4G race in future due to 1st entrant advantage, the same that Mobilink is still enjoying when they entered at early 2G times.
    And Look at Mobilink and Telenor, even having spectrums, they are still planning their 4G strategy. Mobilink has no plans to integrate Warid-Mobilink network, besides they are going to install 4G equipments on Mobilink sites by using warid spectrum and 3G equipments on warid sites by using Mobilink spectrum and allowing roaming to each other(they might integrate in future).
    And Telenor after getting 850 MHz band, decided to ditch further their 3G by restricting it to only 5 MHz of 850 MHz. And now as per reports Telenor is going for carrier aggregation for 4G between 5 MHz of 2100 MHz Band 1 (previously used for 3G) and 5 MHz of 850 MHz band 5.
    And by the time Telenor and Mobilink will make these Jugaars, Zong will run away further in the race.

  • i got an MBB device in may and no wonder i was extremely satisfied with the performance.

    As i was on the audit of a bank so had to travel throughout Pakistan, no wonder i was never disappointed by the great performance, even in areas where warid (my primary number) had no 2g coverage, there zong 4g was working flawlessly e.g in madain and bahrain (SWAT).

    After returning back i have noticed that 4g has started to suck in Karachi, before i used to see a speed of 20 to 30mb dload and 10mb upload and now its a dream that i get a speed of more than 10mb in total. the csr say that your area is under maintenance and this is what i m hearing since august.

    Overall what i have noticed zong generally sucks throughout in karachi, in comparison to punjab and kpk.
    Even in various areas of Karachi at different audit clients i have tested and the speed is not even near what it used to be months back.

    Expanding shouldn’t compromise the quality for existing customers because networks that claim to be number 1 dont exhibit such issues .

    • Same here bro as i live in khi…! same issue with me… but warid lte is great in khi but shud decrease their rates..

      • yeah there MBB is too expensive but no wonder its the most reliable and consistent in terms of speed.

        I get 1gb on my warid postpaid plan, but itni umdah speed pe 1gb is peanuts.

    • This is clinical spectrum-choking. Zong has more demand for data than its paltry spectrum can handle. But rest assured, nobody is waiting for another auction more eagerly than the management at Zong.

      • I am confused,
        10mhz for 4g
        10mhz for 3g
        And 2g k kiye aleedah spectrum !!!

        Why would they need more spectrum AT THE MOMENT ?

        1.5 million subscribers hai 4g k and obv in the comings days the nunber will rise ! To agay kia hga ?
        Provided they have 10mhz for 4g.

        • 10 mhz is not nearly enough for proper 4G3G speed. Particularly in cities with considerable cellular density. The width is just too less. You need at least 25 Mhz spectrum in both cases, particularly in 4G’s case, to provide sufficient spectrum width to prevent widespread choking. Think of it as water passing through a gate. The bigger the opening, the better the flow. Just to give you some perspective, Vodafone UK uses 65 Mhz spectrum (60 Mhz usable) across 3 bands to provide its 4G services.

          • Mujhay to samjh nahi ata hakomut jaldi jaldi spectrum auction kun nahi kerti paisa hee ayega khazanay mei!! aur zong china walay itnay powerful hy is wakt pakistan k vo auction ker va bhi sakty hy lakin zong khamosh tamashai bunayvy hain… aap kia zong mei hotay ho… i get slow speeds at peaks hours :(

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