PTI & Matrix Intech Introduce She Safe App for Women

PTI & Matrix Intech are going to introduce a personal safety app specifically tailored for women to keep them and their families safer 24/7.


SHE SAFE is a personal safety app designed to keep women safe when they are out and about. It’s packed with features for both, everyday safety and real emergencies. This app puts safety in women’s hands while costing nothing.

Women will be able to send an emergency alert to all the members in their circle when they will feel insecure anywhere. Alert will be sent by pressing a button on their phone and it will work whether its offline and online.


  • Create your own groups, called “Circles,” with relatives, friends, and colleagues.
  • User can also Circles in Family Locator.
  • View the real-time location of Circle Members on a private family map that’s only visible on Family Locator.
  • Receive real-time alerts when Circle Members arrive at or leave destinations. No need for disturbing “Where are you?” texts or calls.
  • Real Time Betray Alerts for security.


Features Especially for Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI)

It is an allegation on PTI that their Political campaigns, Jalsa or rallies are not safe for women and boys come there to harass them. Due to this, women are facing little support from their families when it comes to actively supporting the political party’s campaigns.


These type of activities can happen anywhere whether its a political campaign or not. To remove this allegation against PTI rallies the party has worked closely with the developers to use this app to support the ladies. PTI wanted to have its own solution to provide more security to women through technological advancement. So, women feel more safe and be a part of freedom campaigns.

  • Women in campaigns will be able to send immediate alerts to campaign’s security in-charge both offline and online.
  • Security In-charge will also have an admin panel of this Application and will be able to see his security people in red color while others people will be shown in green color. He/She will be able to see the exact location of any incident once an alert is received and in this way he can order the nearest security personnel to check the situation.
  • PTI will ask all the women participants to have this application installed on their smartphones when they come to campaigns, Jalsa or rally.


Police Helpline & Connectivity with KPK Police

Through this feature of SHE SAFE, women will be able to call police as soon as something is about to happen and will be able to get help from the police immediately.



The app will also be connected with KPK Police and Cybercrime department of KPK Government. This will also help in getting real time complaints from women who generally refrain from going to police stations when harassed by men.

Women are also harassed though phone calls and messages from wrong numbers and sometimes receive inappropriate content as well when using the social media, which is against the cybercrime laws of Pakistan. Through She Safe, police can cover all these issues with confidentiality. KPK police can also improve on it by assigning a special team to this issue.


If technology has all these benefits then why cannot we use it to secure our mothers, sisters, wives and daughters? This app is surely an answer to that question and a solution to millions of women problems.


  • That’s a great step to ensure the safety of our women from N-league Goons and others!
    With tech we can tackle many problems so N-league Goons and others beware!!

  • I believe is ka result divorce barhe gi. agar husband koi punishment le k aata hai. for example 6 months in prison then mera nai khayal wo aa k dobara us wife k sath rahay ga. so next thing jo suffer kare gi wo larki ho gi. phir us k liay tough life aaye gi. wo burai ki taraf b jae gi. or may western culture ki tarah just aik girlfriend k torr per reh jae or na jaez olad ho. i do not see anything other than this. baqi hamari awam ki khushi hai

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