These Facebook Pages Are Doing a Remarkable Job of Reviving #BrandPakistan

It has been 69 years since Pakistan’s birth. Let’s put aside the struggles and unfortunate luck and concentrate on all the good things.

Social media has arguably one of the most influential way of promoting all the good that goes on in a country. Many nonprofit organizations and even individuals who want to highlight the positives of the country they live in, strive to achieve that aim.

Here are some of the Facebook pages, in no specific order, which promote the undiscovered side of Pakistan and contribute to the ‘Feel-good’ factor.

1. Explore the Beauty of Pakistan


Dedicated to promote the beautiful places across Pakistan, Explore the Beauty of Pakistan has over 350-thousand likes on Facebook. From northern areas to the capital of the country, this page has it all.

Here are a few samples of terrific photography from the page. Photographer’s names are tagged or mentioned in the description of the photos.


Link: Explore the Beauty of Pakistan

2. Humans of Pakistan


Inspired from Brandon Stanton’s million dollar idea, Humans of New York, this page portrays the stories of the remarkable Pakistani citizens in a similar fashion. Each photograph contains the picture of a person and the description unfolds a story about them in their own words.

These heartwarming stories have been adored by thousands of people across Pakistan. It’s slowly becoming a more common trend to promote the struggles and amazing stories of normal yet extraordinary people.



Link: Humans of Pakistan

3. Untold Stories of Pakistan


Similar to Humans of Pakistan, this page also unfolds stories of Pakistani people from all across the world. Its founder is Hamza Ahamad Sahi, a student of Aitchison College.

Highlighting the stories of common people and their struggle can go a long way to create a sense of harmony among people of Pakistan. Some of the stories are shared below.



Link: The Untold Stories of Pakistan

4. Northern Areas of Pakistan


Promoting the northern part of Pakistan, the main attraction for majority of the tourists. There are plenty of places to visit from Kaghan to Skardu, each more beautiful than the other. The aim of the page is simple, to enlighten everyone of the beautiful places which reside in our homeland.

Some of the pictures from the page are below:



Link: Northern Areas of Pakistan

5. Pakistan- Go Green


This green Facebook page aims to promote the greenery in Pakistan. From rural to urban pictures, this page is packed with everything. More often than not, Pakistan Go Green also promotes patriotic pictures and videos which add a diverse flavor to their page.

Link: Pakistan Go Green

6. Pakistan Food Explorer


Promoting tips and tricks regarding creating various dishes along with methods to set up the dinning table, this Facebook page is one of the most informative one. Not only that, it also promotes desi food which adds to its value.



Link: Pakistan Food Explorer

That concludes our list of some of the most brilliant pages on Facebook promoting Pakistan, its culture, food, places and values. If there is anything you would like to share, please leave the name of the pages in the comments section.

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