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  • As we have seen fake online degree scams recently, propak should have been careful and given more info of where the diploma is acredited. These sites take personal info and either sell it to third parties or bombard the person with calls to upgrade to expensive courses. The diploma is garbage. Request all to avoid joining

  • I was waiting for your post about free week of LinkedIn/Learning (formerly, which is going to end by tomorrow. They have a much broader range of topis and I think their courses are also more rigorous.

  • I think udemy and coursera are much better and well established online platforms for learning…. They have much larger and diverse set of courses on offer….

  • Consider it with positive mind. I’ve seen many people/institutes in Pakistan who teach same contents for the money that goes beyond 15k. So if you are a basic learner then you should definitely enroll but if you are looking for advanced tutorial then surely it will cost you much more.

  • Please don’t use SHAW academy as it is a scam. They offer utterly low quality courses and as soon as you pay money they stop technical support. They Wikipedia entry has minimal information, unlike their competitors Edx, Udemy, Udacity, Coursera which have EXTREMELY detailed pages. Online reviews have either 5-stars or only 1-star ratings, which obviously shows that the 5-star ratings are fake ratings by automated bots and paid individuals. Also, they has no mention in any official international or American publications except some blog posts mentioning them in the Huffington Post blog (just like the express tribune blogs, which are opinions, and not actual journalism.

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