PTCL and Netflix Sign Collaboration Agreement

PTCL becomes the first Telecommunication operator in Pakistan to sign a partnership agreement with Netflix for the Pakistan market.

After this agreement, PTCL and Netflix will use their respective resources for mutual benefit, utilizing and maximizing the viewing experience and penetration of Netflix services in Pakistan.

This agreement will serve as a way forward for both PTCL and Netflix to provide digital content fans in Pakistan with Netflix streaming. PTCL will support and promote original Netflix content in Pakistan.

PTCL became the only service provider in Pakistan with advanced caching servers and technical pairing with Netflix to offer the superior viewing experience since Netflix’s global launch in January 2016.

Commenting on the agreement, PTCL’s Chief Commercial Officer, Adnan Shahid said, “Digital entertainment is PTCL’s key priority and our partnership with Netflix is another step in this direction. We look forward to working with Netflix to offer new and exciting services including world class Netflix original series and movies in Pakistan.”

Tony Zameczkowski, Vice President, Business Development for Asia at Netflix said, “We are excited to partner with PTCL in Pakistan and are looking forward to providing high quality entertainment content for the Pakistani consumers.”

Netflix is the world’s leading Internet television network with over 86 million members in over 190 countries enjoying more than 125 million hours of TV shows and movies per day, including original series, documentaries and feature films.

Netflix members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on nearly any Internet-connected screen and they can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.

PTCL is the largest information communication technology and entertainment service provider in Pakistan, touching millions of lives through its broadband and digital television services. Always striving to achieve customer satisfaction, PTCL has entered the collaboration with Netflix to provide its customers high quality streaming content.

  • I have to understand this PR is about caching Netflix content on PTCL servers to lower bandwidth
    Or maybe better Internet Peering with Netflix CDN, either way to make Netflix faster for PTCL users, which is a GOOD THING


    I have to ask…

    Since there is shows on Netflix that are containg contents that would be banned by PTA or PEMRA, will PTCL agreement now make Netflix take block such shows in Pakistan?? Certainly cannot view some of these shows or movies on TV channels in Pakistan so what will happen?

      • They have people to see what? To block Netflix shows and movies that have nudity, violence, blasphemy?

        That is exactly my question: WILL PTCL FORCE NETFLIX TO BLOCK CONTENT

        If so I think Netflix will fail in Pakistan, it will have less than 1% of current content which is already almost nothing.

        • my question too. In UAE, they block a lot of shows. Pakistan is way better. I wonder if that would be the case here in Pakistan. That would simply force people to get the content illegally i.e. torrents. I already use netflix in Pakistan and though unlike US, its very limited content but not as bad as UAE. But getting a 4k stream on your TV is another story.

  • for netflix to run perfectly need atleast a 10 mb connnection, which maybe 1 -2 percent of people have

    • netflix themselves recommend 2 MB for a favorable streaming experience. 4 Mbps works like a charm with netflix, you do not require a 10 Mb connection.

    • Seriously? Dont spread fake rumours. . . Have been watching netflix since its launch on Ptcl 4mb, never did it browse once. Seamless experience here!

    • on 8mb two screens simultaneously working perfect for me on copper line.

      although i am not ptcl satisfied customer. but netflix works awesome.

    • I’ve been using Netflix since launch on 2Meg connection it works like a charm don’t spread rumors…..the only thing I’m not satisfied about is Limited content of Netflix here in Pakistan.. If only PTCL do a contract with them to provide American version of Netflix here

      • And they block all VPN. With the speed that PTCL gives, VPN already becomes a nightmare. And Zong is too expensive to stream movies on.

  • From this I understand two fundamental things:

    1. PTCL has admitted its Smart TV is dead and they are banking on partnering with third party OTT companies to save themselves.

    2. OTT TV license is not required for tv content distribution in Pakistan. PEMRA is only regulating legacy technologies (digital and DTH are also about 10 year old tech). And PTA doesn’t manage content. This a great opportunities for companies to launch OTT services since they won’t have to deal with legacy PEMRA regulations, or have to pay hefty PEMRA license fees or be harassed by them. Just keep your servers abroad.

    • fundamentally flawed understanding. Smart TV provides LIVE Tv channels whereas Netflix provides streaming of tv shows and movies etc. You cannot forego your live channels for Netflix. this is an addition to the portfolio, not a replacement. And as far as other companies launching OTT’s, they are bound to fail miserably as hardly any have come close to hosting the number and quality of Netfilx CDN’s globally.

      • @Hasan You’re out of touch with latest advances and have not used Smart TV. I agree with Nasir on this one.

        Smart TVs main value differentiating factor is Video on Demand otherwise users just get digital HD from their cable company. Netflix provides Video on Demand (SVOD) which is the future.

        Companies can launch OTTs by hosting CDNs locally. There are a number of companies that provide such CDN not just Neflix (which is also itself mostly based on Amazon). So better get your facts straights and improve your understanding. Also for PTCL Smart which is IPTV on Multicast no CDN is required. For Video on Demand it is however.

        • firstly, i have used smart tv for over 3 years and continue to do so.
          i also have used netflix for well over 2 years now, hulu, hbo go, amazon prime and even Directtv.

          regardless of who you agree with, you cannot argue that netflix is a replacement for smart tv. again, please brush up on your own understanding, netflix does not offer live tv channels, smart tv does, so netflix is not in fact a replacement for smart tv.

          i never said companies could not provide CDN locally, i said they cannot match the quality and they cant. netflix is a giant and renowned for a reason – quality.

          • oh and i doubt if anybody even uses VOD on smart tv. smart tvs rewind & forward on their TVOD on the other hand is a biggy.

        • bhai sab kis dunya mein ho?/ smart tv ka comparison netflix se? smart tv ke liyay STB ki zaroorat hai aur koi cable tv kareeb nahi aati smart tv ke. for netflix no stb required can download app on tv/phone/computer and run and smart tv ki vod has outdated mvies comparison koi nai banta.tvod hai netflix mein?? news channels??

          • agreed. vod is not the prime differentiating factor, perhaps Mr. Faizan relies on VOD of smart tv but the vast majority does not. there is no comparison of the content and the main benefit of smart tv over other cable operators is not infact vod rather TVOD coupled with the LIVE tv channels, and compared to netflix original programming content such as house of cards etc, it is vastly superior to existing and potential rivals.

            also btw smart tv has an OTT app, you may view it on your handhelds or laptops as well, other cable operators you cant.

            • You don’t even read what I wrote and then barking like a mad guy.
              No doubt Netflix is giant and so quality is best. Just like all things not made in Pakistan. Smart TV is chinese by the way. Maybe thats why it is cheap.

              Anyway my point is Smart TV is accepting defeat because who will go for smart tv when there is digital and DTH. PTCL should finish off Smart now.

              • are you putting in a special effort to sound this stupid? you said your understanding from this PR was that smart tv was dead. i said the two are vastly different and netflix is not a replacement so does not indicate its dead.

                you mentioned DTH now to support what you said, not initially.

                and chinese manufacturing doesnt equate with bad quality either.

        • @Faizan: you are very naive or do not have experience with netflix. web servers + delivery nodes and storage nodes setup is not big deal but providing highly rated critically acclaimed content in every category like drama,documentaries, comedy like netflix does is something else which is why it is so popular. also netflix has best load balancing so it is not halwa to just provide. SVOD is not such big deal by itself there are hundreds of companies providing svod.

    • . PTCL has admitted its Smart TV is dead. Smart TV is something entirely different. Netflix does not offer ‘Channels”

  • well done, i have been using netflix via SmartDns even before it launched in Pakistan and it worked flawlessly in HD on my 50″ smart tv with a 4 Mbps dsl line. 4 Mbps is more than adequate, you do not require 10 Mbps as suggested by a poster above. I have till date never faced the slightest buffer with netflix. The same applies to Hulu and HBO GO both of which i have running succesfully with no issues, although those require SmartDNS. This route optimization and technical pairing will serve to further enhance the viewing experience.

  • Most problms cud be solved if they upgrade copper wires with the new fibre tech. (atleast)

    • they need hefty $$$ to upgrade and setup wires in each and every home, currently there is new company in pk known as fiberlink its providing fiber connection, available in karachi and some main city’s

  • commendable move and step in right direction as this will help bring good quality of netflix to everyone in pakistan.

  • My household had 3 Ptcl land lines all with 2mb broadband connections , 2 evo devices life was full of tensions
    Closed all three broadband connections and 2 land lines , got rid of both evo devices just have one landline remaining life is good with Zong 4g and my back up warid lte
    Moral of the story don’t bother with anything Ptcl has to offer the only thing they are good at is sucking blood out like mosquitos

    • member nayatal? i member, member when you didnt have to install 3 seperate broadband connections and could get just one hispeed connection? ooh i member, do you member? nayatel is best these telco 3g/4g devices are not good for indoors

  • masoom bhai loog

    recently netflix announced to get their data servers to africa as they dont have good speeds and by having native servers, netflix will work better.
    pretty sure we dont have that issue so look around pretty sure there must be countries closer to PAKISTAN that will benefit with this and ptcl will get benefit through this too.

  • It appears as if though Netflix will utilize PTCL’s computing infrastructure and data centers to render content caching services.

    I don’t see any bundling of Netflix with its broadband packages, although it could, but pretty tough to do when PTCL hasn’t invested in upgrading the last mile and has insignificant broadband/DSL penetration.

  • very pathetic picture quality of shows both in HD and 4K on my 4mbps…..I think its not enough bandwidth to get full benefit out of this

  • close