Nayatel is Launching FTTH Broadband in Faisalabad in Two Weeks

Nayatel, a fiber to home broadband service that currently operates in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, is ready to launch its services in Faisalabad, we have checked.

While Nayatel hasn’t officially communicated a launch date, we can confirm that Faisalabad will see Nayatel services live and running on or around November 15th, 2016.

For those who don’t know, Nayatel offers triple play services on end-to-end fiber in Islamabad and Rawalpindi where they serve more than 30,000 home and corporate customers.

In addition to internet broadband with up to 10Mbps, telephone and cable TV (both digital and analogue), Nayatel also offers variety of value added services.

Their packages for home based customers start from Rs. 1,199 for 5Mbps speeds with 45GB monthly limit and go up to Rs. 3,799 with 5Mbps speeds (55GB monthly limit) from 10AM to 6PM and 10Mbps during rest of the time with unmetered downloads.

Just in case if you are wondering about Nayatel’s coverage in Faisalabad, here are the locations where it is going to be available on launch date:

  • Kahuranwala till Shahkot on Lahore-Shiekhpura FSD Road.
  • Kahuranwala till Gourmet Factory on Jaranwala Road.
  • Gatwala Chowk till Nishat Abad Bridge on Lahore-Shiekhpura FSD Road.
  • Gatwala Chowk till Kashmir Bridge on Canal Road
  • Kashmir Road , Bibi Jan Road and 208-Chak Raod

Additionally Nayatel will also be available at following residential Colonies

  • Alfateh Garden
  • Alhamra Town
  • Faisal Garden
  • Forest Colony
  • Canal Garden
  • Green Village
  • Amir Town
  • Canal Park
  • VIP Canal Park
  • Heaven Habitat
  • Maryam Villas
  • Qamar Garden
  • Makkah Garden
  • Al-Qadir Garden
  • Raza Garden
  • Abdullah Garden
  • Naveed Garden
  • Raza Town
  • New Green Town
  • Faisal Town
  • Officers Colony No 2

Needless to say, Nayatel’s coverage is going to expand in Faisalabad with time.

It must be mentioned here that Nayatel is also planning to launch in Peshawar, a timeline on this is however not known yet.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • Search for StromFiber in Karachi they also offer fiber to home. And there packages are also cheap. Check them out

  • I have one problem with nayatel, they’re giving way too little in data cap.
    Anyone who fells in they’re time slot is fortunate else people like me who don’t care for time slots will that 45gb is done in a week.

    • In my case the data usage has been carried over to the next month several times. I now have more than 150GB available for November :P

    • If you work or go to university you won’t be using this data cap. If you sit home all day then it could be a problem.

      • oh so you mean there are no one in your house other than you. great.
        its not about sitting in, its about how many people uses it and at what time, my kids comes back by 1;30 and both are heavy internet user, so is my wife.

          • than don’t sound like a douch and say its because everyone should follow you/your family style of living.

            why do you even think its all about download?
            couple of streaming tv shows are enough to use a GB per hour

  • All these colonies are on Canal road where their head office is. It doesn’t cover even 5% of the city area and population. It will be tough for Nayatel to spread coverage in congested areas of the city.
    Anyhow Welcome to Faisalabad.

  • Come on .. I live just 500 Meters from lalkurti Bazar and there is no coverage at my place.. but lalkurti bazar has it.. please expand the coverage in RWP and ISB first ..

  • I am using 12 MBPS PTCL. It’s wonderful and no cap too.
    Nayatel is giving way lesser data. Speed is not so great either.
    My Smart TV and freedom package is free too. Unimpressive really.
    Data Cap spoils the taste.

  • But they are yet to cover many areas in rawalpindi/isb.. they should have worked on their coverage in these cities and no one should be allowed to cover only areas which benefit them the most and leave many areas in between.

    I monthly receive a message from nayatel for subscription of their service, their service is not in My area, neither i did provide them my number.

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