Atlas Recall is The Search Engine For Your Life

Our data is fragmented across devices. We have a bunch of data saved on Google, some of it saved on Cortana or Windows search and another bunch saved at WhatsApp or Telegram.

Searching for one particular message, file or attachment? Don’t know where you last saw it/saved it? No problem, Atlas Recall will solve that problem for you.

One Search to Rule Them All

Atlas Recall is sort of like a search engine but is not limited to one part of your data alone. Instead it can search across all of your data stores, in all of your apps or services you use. Have a PDF on WhatsApp but don’t know the chat/group it was shared on? Use Atlas, it’ll look for all digital traces relating to that PDF.

There is also a mobile app of the search engine-like software available.

Your search criteria needs to be right for it though. You can search for “ID card” and traces of it will show up across all the services or apps which contain the string “ID card” mentioned or alluded to.

Encrypted Search

With regards to search on such a on so many personal services, questions arise regarding the level of privacy or control you have on Atlas. You can rest assured, it does not require access to any of the services you want to search from. The search is always encrypted so you don’t have to worry about it being used against you.

In addition to that, you can also control every single piece of information Atlas Recall has about you. At any time, you can delete the info or wipe it all and move away from it without worrying about residual data about you staying on their servers (contrary to Facebook’s practices).

You can choose to integrate Atlas Recall with Google so you can search on the web at the same time as well. This app’s utility is something that once you get used to, you won’t live without it.

The Company Policy on Snooping

The company behind the app was funded by Aspect Ventures and Microsoft. It also made it clear that they do not intend to snoop on your data. This is also thanks to the freemium model that they use. Companies which use advertisements to earn revenue use your data. Atlas just uses a “free with payment options for extra features” model, which does not use ads.

You can sign up for the beta on their website. There is no release date yet for the stable version. Rest assured however, the free version will let you use the basic search forever.

Via Tech Crunch

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