Pakistan is Most Affordable Country for Telecom and Internet Services in the World: Report

Pakistan has been ranked as most affordable market in the world for ICT services, noted Global Information Technology Report 2016, published by Word Economic Forum.


“Pakistan is the market with the lowest price points”, noted the report that measured network readiness index of 139 global markets.

Report said that while these affordability indicators are measured in terms of prices associated with the usage of ICT service and the prices that poses the entry barrier for the masses, they are not in any way associated with quality adjusted prices.

Here are other rankings for Pakistan for various indicators in “Network Readiness Index”

  • Over All Network Readiness Index
    • 2016 Ranking: 110
    • 2015 Ranking: 112
  • Political and Regulatory Environment: 128
  • Business and Innovation Environment: 98
  • Infrastructure: 126
  • Affordability: 1
  • Skills: 127
  • Individual Usage: 123
  • Business Usage: 101
  • Government Usage: 103
  • Economic Impacts: 105
  • Social Impacts: 106

While Pakistan’s overall rank increased by 2 points for “Network Readiness Index”, clearly it is lacking behind in almost all indicators other than affordability, where it ranked at top.

Pakistan is ranked dangerously low for “Political and Regulatory Environment”, “Skills” and “Infrastructure”. Individual usage of ICT services is also low where Pakistan was ranked at 123rd position globally.


Detailed Network Readiness Index for Pakistan is shown in below graphic:


Complete report can be downloaded from here

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  • In the presence of so many taxes still its cheaper than whole world. Just imagin if 37 Rs tax on Rs. 100 reduced to Rs.10 or 15 what will happen?

    • Is this necessary to bring politics in every shitttt? Totally fed up from internet due to these two fu*king corrupt parties named PMLN and PTI.

      • But politics does impact business. Increase in taxes on everything , no security , no electricity . These factors require operators to hire their own guards , their own generators on every site. This means more money is spent on each site. And the poeple covered by the site have no money either to recharge. In short , there is no ROI. Compromise in quality is logical step.
        Unfortunately, In pakistan only the business of SHARIFs and Ishaq dar(s) or PLMN ministers is flourishing . Rest everyone is crying and is on edge of bankruptcy.

        • Than why target only PMLN only? Are they only ones who put heavy taxes on telecom services? KPK, Sindh and Balochistan thrashed 19 percent internet taxes and are not removing even after removal by punjab? All Govts are same. If you want to bring politics than bring all Culprits PMLN, PTI and PPP

          • Right now sharef’s are in government so we will criticise PLMN’s policies and debts and corruption. When others will be in power , then it will be their turn. Please dont take it personally but we do have the right to criticize or ‘target’ – as you put it.

            • You can not criticize current Govt on the negligence of previous ones. I am not taking it personally. But suppose PTI come in Govt next, will you criticise them for corruption that current Govt is doing? Big No
              They are only liable for their own wrong deeds not for their predecessors.

              • Typical reply. Humay qarazay PPP se inherit hoey haen.
                Yes I can criticise . watch me … Big YES bro . I will keep criticizing your corrupt PLMN leaders. Your PLMN leaders can go to any extent for corruption , even if it requires sending over their families to qatar to cover their corruption. There is nothing you can do to stop me :-)

  • Its true to a great instant. Here we get 1gb data for some 250-300 rs. In dubai, for etisalat you need to pay 50 dirhams for 1gb package, that makes 1450 rs.

  • U can get 1Gbps for 22$ or less in a number of countries like south korea, hongkong, japan, Singapore. And here you get a lousy 4Mbps for the price. So the reports on affordability seem to be faulty here. And not to anyone’s surprise a location or a commercial block comprising of a corporate building may have more bandwidth than whole of Pakistan combined. Prices in the badwidth market fall regulalry in most markets but Pakistan is the only place where the prices have gone up and not down in atleast past 4 years. a lot has changed in past 4 years in the world.

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