86% Users Will Buy A Samsung Phone Even After The Note 7 Disaster: Survey

How likely are you to buy another Samsung phone after the Note 7 problem? You may or may not want to buy a Samsung phone but according to a survey which asked phone owners whether they will consider Samsung when buying a new phone, 86% replied with yes.

The survey conducted by ReportLinker asked this question to 500 US based Smartphone owners. They were also asked about their attitude towards the Note 7 problem. 60% of them were reported to have a negative outlook on the issue.

Good News for Samsung

For Samsung this is definitely good news as even though the Note 7 screwed up their image, consumers still trust them. The South Korean company is already planning ahead for a Galaxy Note 8 and trying to put the Note 7 story behind.

After the release of Note 7 in August it received positive reviews all around. Only a month later, reports emerged from Korea and the US about several phone owners whose phones exploded. Samsung halted sales and production and began recalling the faulty phones. They offered to exchange them free of cost with newer Note 7 devices. After returning the phones the issue came up again in replaced phones.

In the end, Samsung completely stopped everything and apologized to its customers about the mishap. Samsung expects to recover their lost revenue from the Note 7 in the fourth quarter of the year. They will recover the revenue thanks to Samsung’s chip and display businesses, according to company representatives.

Interesting Findings

The remaining 14% of the survey respondents had some interesting opinions as well. Half of them said they would switch to Apple, 21% of them said they would switch to LG and 18% of them said they would switch to Google.

LG and Google being considered as Samsung alternatives is a big plus for both of them. Especially for Google as the company is relatively new to this with their Pixel and Pixel XL phones. The Nexus phones did not have the “Made by Google” branding on them so they can’t be considered serious efforts into the smartphone realm. Lets just hope its fares well for the smartphone industry and results in more innovations and better devices.

Via TechRepublic

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