‘Cancer’ in Youtube Comments Might be a Thing of the Past

The world’s largest hub for online videos, YouTube, has just unveiled an updated comment system. The system is aimed at making comments on the videos a much better experience for creators as well as the viewers.

YouTube doesn’t really have a good reputation when it comes to their comment system. Trolls and bots bombard videos with comments, while the actually original comments get drowned out by all the noise.

Today’s update is all about handing over the control of comments to the creators of the videos themselves. From now on, creators will be able to promote (or pin) comments to the top of the feed. Even though this feature is limited to a single comment at a time, it is a welcome addition.


Creators can now like comments using a new “Hearts” feature to show their appreciation, and the heart will be visible to other users. Comments by creators are going to be highlighted with their usernames shown in a different color, while verified creators will also have a checkmark beside their name,

There is also a new commenting review feature that will automatically detect potentially inappropriate comments, and hold them back for a final review. These comments can then be reviewed by the creators to be flagged, approved, or hidden. Creators will have to manually opt-in this feature to make it available to them.

Source— TechCrunch

  • Koi Facebook py nhi update aay GI… Har page k comments parh k lgta hy sari ad posting yahi hoti hy…no detection for same long comments repeating on hundreds of pages and posts…AIK DAFA KA ZIKAR HY… FREE BALANCE.. ETC

    • Cancer jaise spread hota hai waise hi fazool comments spread hotay hain. Shayad ye logic hai.

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