After Note 7, Samsung Washing Machines Start Exploding

Its a bad year for Samsung as what started with Note 7 isn’t stopping and now Samsung Washing Machines have started exploding.

As a result, company has recalled 2.8 million units of its washing machines worldwide, reported various news outlets.

While the source of explosions is unknown yet, as many as 733 washing units exploded in US only that lead to injuries of nine individuals, the U.S. Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced on its website.

Those who reported the issue said that top cover of washing machine can unexpectedly detach from the machine chassis during use, posing a risk of injury from impact.

It is said that as many as 34 various Samsung washing machine models are effected and are prone to explosion due to a design failure.

Complete list of Samsung models that may explode is given here.

Customers of effected Samsung Washing Machine models in US are given the option to get a refund, get a replacement or request for repair of their washing machines.

Not to mention, Samsung discontinued its Note 7 model after countless units exploded to severally damage the users. Company, that initially issued a worldwide recall, finally shelved the model and said that it won’t sell Note 7 again.

  • Man, talk about stale news. This is in fact so old, there’s already a recall underway for said washing machines. About time you woke up, eh ProPakistani?

  • Hahahahaha…!

    Well no doubt Samsung already build the best in class Washing Machines and even in Pakistan no vendor has those specific options, ease and features that their W.Machines has, however this explosion phenomenon seems more like a game plot against Samsung. I own Samsung Mobile and Washing Machine too and I will not stop buying both of their products coz em pretty much satisfied.

    • I agree with your comment. Ita not the war of Companies. Its the war of Countries as USA, Korea.
      Its worth mentioning that all samsung stuff explodes in USA only rest of the country is safe.

  • yeh sab ‘amrika’ ki chaal hai ……. they want samsung out from there may be and promote their ‘khaya hua saib’ brand ……..

    apple washing machine to banaye ga nahi ……. think 160gm phone takes how much space and selling in 900-1000US$ ……… yahi business kafi hai …..

    jahan se threat ho, us ki maar do policy !

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