PEMRA Issues Show Cause Notice to ARY News for Alleged Sensational Reporting

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority or PEMRA has issued a notice to ARY News for allegedly sensational reporting in a news bulletin today.

The news channel is asked to submit their response by November 14th.

According to the notice ARY News was accused of airing a discussion on the 12pm bulletin about the Supreme Court of Pakistan which was baseless and imbued with sensationalist views.

This is the part of the discussion that prompted the notice from PEMRA:


Asad Kharal, a journalist was accused of spreading sensationalist views. He was also accused of affecting the ongoing judicial case and investigation and for spreading fear among the investigators themselves.

The channel is required to offer an explanation on their actions for this as per the notice from PEMRA.

ARY News will also be liable to a Rs. 1 million fine, even a ban on airing the channel. Their broadcasting licence may also completely revoked by PEMRA, if found guilty.

As per the notice, ARY News was also be asked whether they will be facing PEMRA as a channel or will they offer up the reporter to justify his reports on his behalf.

Previously Dr. Shahid Masood was banned by PEMRA for any TV appearance for 45 days, for almost similar reasons.

How ARY News responds to this new notice is still to be seen.

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    • Not just PEMRA but every institution is doing the same. This happens with every government whether it be of PPP or PMLN. These corrupt politicians hire their own corrupt people to head these institutions.

    • I believe you meant Geo News right? Waday tussi Musalman..
      On what grounds? Will you explain? ARY reports baseless stories and adds sensations to news which are proved a lie the same day or next but they never apologize for it. ARY should be banned for running sectarian religious channels as well.

      • And GEO News and co are saints in this dirty world, right? Who doesn’t know that Absar Alam is Nawaz’s crony who has been brought here to keep media in check if anyone talks against the Sharifs of Jaati Umra.

    • Someone should ask Salman Iqbal why he meets Owais Muzafar (aka Tappi) in Dubai every now and then in Clover Creek Hotel Apartments Deira, Dubai?…..

  • That’s why I hate ARY. Never watch their
    channel. There founder Abdul Razaq Yaqob was a right hand of Zardari. #BanARY

    • in Pakistan there is two type of people 1 patwari 2 not patwari ………….you belong to patwari i am not…………..

    • That’s a new one & ARY is used to be targeted as channel paid by agencies, now where this come from “Right hand of Zardari” !! & since you don’t watch it, how come you know what sort of reporting they do !! & in which way they tilt!!

      I’m Karachite & knows inside of #PPP corruption as well as #MQM & #ARY haven’t supported any kind of stupidity done by these both parties, as far #PMLN is concern any one who have some sense left in him/her & can think properly would find million logical explanation what these N-Leagues are up to (Ya unless that person is beneficial from these parties) then Yup will see N-League or any other corrupt as Saint (there Saviour).

      Try to see what’s right & what’s wrong with logical reasons, not by some rumors, after all at the time of judgment every one have to answer for there deeds, and Mr Abdul Razaq Yaqob have passed away, now Allah(SWT) will the be judge of what he have done either right or wrong, so let it be stay that way.

      • Someone should ask Salman Iqbal why he meets Owais Muzafar (aka Tappi) in Dubai every now and then in Clover Creek Hotel Apartments Deira, Dubai?………….

        • Aks Patwari sharif to find out if there’s anything wrong with it. Btw, would you mind telling why that patwari pervaiz yazeed, being federal minister of a nuclear state, had to run away in dark to meet that traitor mir shakeel ur rehman on ISI issue? Do patwaris have any self respect or have they sold it all to morons of jaati umra?

    • Someone should ask Salman Iqbal why he meets Owais Muzafar (aka Tappi) in Dubai every now and then in Clover Creek Hotel Apartments Deira, Dubai?

  • TV channels ko b naqail daalne wali hui hai sach myn. Jis ka jo dil karta hai bol deta hai jo dil karta hai chala deta hai

  • Pemra pahly apna pechla kam to clear kro.abi b indian dth chl rha ha isb ma mary czn k ghar.indian chanel dramas etc band kea hen turkish dramas b bnd kro us ma b half kapray pehnti hen larkian.or kuch pakistani chanel or programmes dramas py b nazray kram farmayen like bysharam drama saba qamar,fashion weak, bridal cuture weak modeling. Sub fahashi phyla rhy hen pak ma

  • This could easily apply to every local news channel. Seems like discrimination to go against only one.

  • show my photo or news about life without girl and behave of old faisalabad in ARY TV night time .

  • Puppets of Nawaz & Co, after what Asad Kharal said in SC, Surely Puppet Absar Alam of Pemra (former Journalist) now making his master NS happy, What about the Panama Papers – NS is pretty screwed / Dawn Planted News!! (Maryam Safdar Nawaz or Whatever is surely a culprit behind all) What’s the answer on this NS & Co Supporters?, if don’t have answer OK then A pretty simple question for NS & Co supporters that as per NS & Co “Pakistan is progressing” RIGHT!! as surely it should be there are been in government from 3 years (Federal) & in Punjab (8 years) & thats hell of time to switch things around in favor for sure, So the Question is Why still poverty is increasing day by day & as a normal Pakistani consumer in every 2-3 months i see prices of normal grocery or different stuff going higher, as if Pakistan was progressing in positive direction it should been coming on lower side not like getting expensive !!

    Yup if you are part or say beneficiary of either Federal,Punjab,Sindh,Baluchistan then you will get seriously good job with lots of Haram in it or if business man your business will boost up (Hell Yaaa) Right !! and (not sure about KPK govt) as not belong from there & haven’t got any negative news from there except from Diesel / M.Achakzai / Asfandyar who all are bloody traitors.

    Bash Leader you want even if that’s IK (but be sure to make logical bashing) & i don’t do Pooja of any leader, for me Right is Right & Wrong is Wrong Simple.

    • Sick of these long pro Imran bhasan…you don’t know anything bad in KPK but you know the whole rest of the country..bravo.

      • Yup as i haven’t visited KPK, but i live in Sindh have my business stuff in Punjab & Baluchistan so i do often go there so obviously its doesn’t require rocket science to figure out things which you can see by your own eyes.

    • What do you think about Dawn? Isn’t Dawn crossing the limits every time…& create propaganda against Pakistan and its integrity.

    • yea they are cutting cables, stopping cable operators, threats to news channels, cancelling licenses right?
      Kuch example dy dia karo bhae, sab Imran ban gye hain …mu ganda…baat [email protected]! boy character..c0caine ky baad bhasahn

  • ARY is voice of PTI and PAT and Sheikh Rashid, anyone who can abuse the government right or wrong left or right has an high place and coverning. Also their negative thoughts and policies are very obvious through their coverage and staff.

  • Keh sahi hi rha hai waise Asad Kharal. Log marna start hounge ya judge hi qatal/ghaib ho jaega.

  • Pemra chief is Absar Alam a known N-League supporter and lifafa jounalist. Nawaz Sharif has paralysed all state institutions and rendered them useless and slaves of the government.

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