FIA To Investigate Fake Notification of Iqbal Day as a Holiday

Since last week, word had been going around that the Federal Government has restored Iqbal Day (Nov 9th) as a public holiday.

Many people on social media believed it and shared the news with others. One week later, the Interior Ministry of Pakistan finally took notice of the fake announcement that had been attributed to it.

In short, the Interior Ministry categorically rubbished claims that Iqbal Day was a federally-mandated holiday. Government departments will be open for business on Nov 9, ending days of confusion whether Iqbal Day was off or not.

The Ministry took stock of reports from certain sections of media and stated that ‘We have not issued any notification’ as per officials.

To this effect, the FIA has been tasked to look into the fake notification and probe the matter.

“Directives have been issued to FIA’s cyber crime wing to investigate the fake notifications,” – FIA spokesperson.

Even though the Federal government has announced that tomorrow is not a holiday, provincial governments from KP and Sindh have decided to celebrate Iqbal day as a public holiday. The Rawalpindi Private Schools Association has also decided to celebrate it.

We will continue to update this post as things develop.

  • Yes Investigate the issue of Fake Holiday Notification as top priority and waste national resources. However, when millions of Dollars are laundered abroad no one bats an eye #Panama.

    • Who said they investigated it as a top priority.

      Where were you when Musharraf, Zardari, Bhutto, Chaudhrys, Rehman malik et al where looting the So called Peoples money?

      Oh yes you were just a kid, did not have internet access etc, fu*king keyboard warrior,

      • No one looted like NS and Zordari and I don’t hide behind a fancy name to protect my baadshah salamat.

        • As I said, if you can understand ALL are corrupt, with varying degrees of the corruption they carry out.

          So why go after only one, go after them all regardless of the party.

          As for my FANCY name, would ‘PTI LOVER’ suit you better or ‘GO NAWAZ GO, BOY’, or ‘JEEVA IMRAN KHAN’.

          • I hate all those corrupt people equally but NS aka baadshah salamat is looting billions while normal people are backing him up.
            BTW I am NOT from PTI.

            • Look bro, I am not with any party also. I have never voted nor intend to do so.

              I just try to say what I see, and I see what I say.

              The only thing I am with is Allah (SWT), may he guide the Ummah to the right path and protect us all, where ever we may be.

    • Dude .. I was about to say that :) You took my words ..

      Bha##$$#@ kaam takkay ka nahi kerna .. kisi asli mujrim ko nahi pakarna and chutya#$#@ kerval o in se

  • Is Gullu league government ne Iqbal Day ko bhi mazak bana diya hai. kabhi holiday restore kar detey hain kabhi deny kar detey hain khode hi jaali notifications nikaltey hain aur phir khod hi jhoothi inquires karwatey hain.

  • Useless waste of time. The government should have issued a notification several days earlier….this is not some rocket science it is an easy decision to take.. only 6 hours are left till 9 November and government still hasn’t issued formal notification. Public holidays are announced well in advance in other countries often a year in advance and they stick to it.

    FIA should investigate things that actually matter such as terrorist actitvity, identity theft, online fraud, money laundering, and offshore accounts.

    They should also train their staff to properly behave with general public in airports instead of being rude to local public and nice to foreigners/diplomats only…

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