NADRA Steps into 21st Century with Website Redesign

NADRA has redesigned its website to better facilitate users. The revamp is focused on user friendliness and is significantly better than the old version.


Previously, there was no central hub for gathering information. Often you would have to waste energy to visit NADRA’s closest offices to gather the required information. This issue was experienced by majority of the people across Pakistan but thankfully, it has changed now.

NADRA’s updated website now holds all the information required for all the services it provides. Along with that, it also offers home delivery for CNIC and other various cards.


Let’s illustrate with an example. If you are applying for CNIC, you hover over the Identity drop down menu and select National Identity Card from the list.

Initially, you will see the description and a bunch of FAQs below it, which can often solve any queries you may have in your mind.

The green button on the right of the description will help you in gathering information regarding the required documents. Clicking on the green button will prompt this screen:


You have to select either Card or Certificate from the drop down menu. The information regarding both are displayed on the right side, under the What is your required identity type? question.


Once you have selected the option for Card, you will need to select one of the options displayed on the right side i.e. New Card, Modification, Reprint, Renewal. When you’re done with that, enter the age and you will have the list of all the required documents.

The process is equally simple for other services NADRA offers.


Overall, the experience of the updated NADRA website is much more user-friendly and the agency deserves credit for making it accessible.

Slow Response

The website has been recently reconstructed which is why the response time is rather slow. The loading of the webpage takes lengthy amount of time as well. However, it is expected that NADRA will sort this minor issue out in coming future.

However, we think it might just be the most intuitive government operated site yet but it could do with some tweaks since it’s rather slow to load on our end. If you feel there’s another one that takes the crown though, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

You can check out the new NADRA website here.

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  • NADRA online is really a very nice service we are just waiting to have same for passport as I have used NADRA online for all my family members and get cards without going in ques and without any problem.

    • dear Faheem, Is the online service is only for SMART CNIC or for normal CNIC as well. Kindly explain in detail thanks

      • Under Online System you have both options available system will ask you to get smart card or other card, but better to apply for smart card as more secure.

        • when I checked its only for SMART NIC, I will recheck again. Generally approximately how long it will take and what if a person is married and her wife needs to modify her card is it also possible online ?

              • Ok I think there is a confusion. It is true you can only apply for smart CNIC on the online portal. When I said it is possible, I said it in reference to the modification you need in your wife’s CNIC. You will have to login into the online portal, then choose “Go to E-Identity” and then choose the modification category. You need to have Nika nama or an affidavit from your wife counter signed by you.

  • The site has been revamped for quite some time now, I tried apply for certain documents but the system never responded back after taking the applications.

    • Can you elaborate what you mean by “apply for certain documents”? You cannot apply for anything on this site. It’s only a portal and gateway to other services offered by NADRA.

  • Guys No more then 15 people at the same time on the site.
    Zulim na karain site per Meharbani ho g.

  • Main to filhaal yahi soch rha houn k kitne crore kharch kar k ye website redesign hoe hogi

  • Is the experience really that bad? Should be better with each passing day since performance is of utmost importance to us. Would appreciate your valuable feedback. Thanks

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