Here Are the Best Internet Reactions on Donald Trump’s Win

Donald Trump as the U.S President. Who would have thought?

Some people are still in shock as to how this has happened. Here is how the social media reacted after hearing that Donald Trump may have just won the US Presidential election.

Reactions from Pakistan:

Reactions From Around the Globe:

This one is for the football fans. We saw Liverpool throw away the league title when Gerrard slipped. Here’s Hilary Clinton’s face on Gerrard and Donald Trump’s on Demba Ba – who scored the goal and ensured Chelsea’s title hopes for the Premier League.

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  • کھوتا تو پاکستانیو نے کھایا تھا مگر کھوتا صدر امریکی لوگوں نے چن لیا

    • wese Hilary Clinton ka intikhabi nishan khota tha, khoty ko chun lety to Hilary jeet jati, nahi chuna to bhi khota jeet gya hahahahahahahahaha :-D

  • Jo log yeh bakkwas kar rahey hain k Pakistan k liye khatra hai Trump unko maloom hona chahiye Pakistan koi banana Republic nahi hai. USSR jaisey super power k tukray kar diye thay hum ney Afghanistan war k through tou yeh Trump tou tucha sa hai USSR k mukablay main. So be proud to be Pakistani. Trump ho ya Modi ho Pakistan ka kuch nahi bigar saktay.
    Pakistan Zindabad!

  • I think it’s good, we already know American policies towards Pakistan (or any other Muslim countries). Chances were Hillary would take the same Obama’s policies further while in case of Trump it’s unpredictable what he is going to do but could be no worse than former. If he fulfills his promises as he did in his campaign and calls back all the military and disband the NATO would surely lead to peace in Middle East.

    Note: This is just my own opinion and could be wrong.

    • “Every time we do something you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.” Ariel Sharon 3 Oct,2001
      That’s enough to explain everything!

      • Exactly. Whoever is the current presidential puppet, he’s being controlled by his masters in Israel. So whether it was Trump/Hillary or whoever, he/she would do things as instructed by his masters. So the face maybe different, the plans/policies are the same.

    • Your opinion is Bullseye, as can’t get worse then this (what’s happening in Middle east or any American influential country) but the issue’s will be for the Muslims/Black/Latins living in US as they have to face now the worse ever bullying by White Supremacy who have elected Trump as president, if Govt won’t kick arse, surely there supporters will.

  • As last night all the Pakistani intellectuals and political analysts were claiming for winning of Hillary Clinton…Even it was discussing on the various tv channels that there are 90 per cent chances of Hillary for her success…. I am really amused on those anchors who have gone the America to cover the election could not analyse whether Hillary is winning or Trump…. how much the anchors have the poor observations even they are in America covering live from there could not predict the right trends of poll…. Today in almost all newspapers claimed the expected victory for Hillary as well…. I actually want to say how much the poor analysis have our political analysts because they could not read the minds of American people where the majority votes are going…. I will request those analysts or anchors or tv channels who had been claiming victory for Hillary should not appear again on tv channels….

    • This is not case with Pakistani anchors and analyst only but all over the world.

      and by the way , at point where trump had 289 electoral votes and clinton 218, the number of votes got by clinton was higher than that of Trump. (saw it on cnn)

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