A Guide for Pakistanis to AliExpress’s Biggest Shopping Event of the Year

AliExpress, a subsidiary of AliBaba, is the number one online retailer in the world. It’s popular because you can get everything at wholesale rates through the website.

The largest shopping event by AliExpress is 11.11 or Single’s Day. Last year, it generated $14.3 billion in reveue and it’s expected to do even better this year.

Starting tomorrow, you can get huge discounts on a wide variety of products. Here’s a guide on how you can get started and get the best shopping experience.

11.11 Sale

Not everything on AliExpress is going at discounted prices. You have to look for a red 11.11 badge before a product’s title. Only items which have that in the title are going for lesser prices.

The sale will go live on 11th November. If you are using the mobile app, click on the product to view what its price would be on the day of the sale.


AliExpress also offers coupons you can use to get items at cheaper prices. You can also choose Rupeeco to get a 7% discount on items which aren’t a part of the sale.

Seller and Product Ratings

AliExpress actually comprises of thousands of sellers who have these mini online stores at AliExpress. Before buying, take a look at the seller’s Feedback Rating. If it is lower than 95%, leave the seller as it might be a risky doing business with such a seller or you might have trouble with refunds.

Another thing to look out for are Product Ratings. When customers buy products from a store, they can leave feedback in the form of comments, ratings and pictures. It’s best to go through the user feedback to get a real life view of the products and get an idea of the quality of the product and the seller’s relation with customers.

At the very least you should prefer to order a product which already has several orders.


If the whole process of checking seller history and what not seems too much of a hassle, there is a browser extension by the name of AliTools which can help you with this.

The extension notifies you when prices drop for certain items and also adds them to you Favourites. You can also check your Favourites’ price variation or any other product’s complete price history. This helps a lot when sellers increase prices before the sale, just to offer a discount and sell at the same price.

AliTools also helps you assess the seller’s rating. It can automatically analyze user feedback and the seller’s history on AliExpress to give you a quick glance overview of the seller’s trustworthiness.

The extension is available for Chrome, Opera and Yandex browsers and can be downloaded from here.

Buyer Protection

AliExpress has a pretty nice buyer safety setup which is the main reason for its popularity. Your parcel is lost, you get full refund when the purchase protection time is about to end. Item is defective or different, you can get a partial refund at the very least.

The process is simple, you need to open a dispute if the purchase protection time is about to end or you got a defective item. As a courtesy, you can ask the seller if they wish to resend the item or not. However, do not open disputes too early, it would only go against you. Also, mention complete details regarding your problem, attach screenshots of the order page if the item is defective or screenshot of the delivery information if you haven’t received your product.

It does take a couple of weeks but eventually you will get a refund.

Shipping Tips

Always prefer to order through “Registered Air Mail” options. Such packages are tracked throughout their journey and you stay updated with where your package has reached. Additionally, it can ease out in the refund process if you don’t get your package.

Some sellers offer free shipping through “Registered Air Mail”, look for them, or pay a little for the shipping because you are already getting your item at a discounted price on the sale.

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If you remember, majority of the items ordered from AliExpress get lost at Customs Office in Karachi or when they reach the post office. When it is a Registered Air Mail, corrupt officials won’t be able to get their hands on your stuff.

Items Not to Order

You can get Smartphones at cheap prices from AliExpress. However, ordering a phone means a lot of hassle and more often than not, you won’t get one because you’ll have to go through a painful process and get an NOC from PTA. More often than not, you won’t be able to get your phone (from an unknown brand) through the Type Approval phase, especially if it’s a Xiaomi. However, you can order tablets and other stuff which only use WiFi and Bluetooth.

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You shouldn’t order delicate items from AliExpress. While the sellers package stuff really good, Pakistan Railway messes up everything. Take a look here if you want to know more about what happens to your delicate stuff.

Do not order large items too. Large packages often end up being broken or being stopped at customs, which as you know, starts a painfully tedious process.

Also, be aware not to order dozens of the same product. AliExpress products are often marked as gifts. If you plan on selling these items, you will get noticed as nobody gets hundreds of packages as ‘gifts’.

Item Description

Always read item description. Often times, sellers are selling multiple items under the same product title. You should read it in detail to know what you are getting. Also look for a “Guaranteed Genuine” badge in the description since a product title with “Authentic” or “Original” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the original thing.

If there’s anything else we didn’t mention, sound off in the comments below to help your fellow citizens.

He is the Editor-in-Chief at ProPakistani. Reach out at aadil.s[at]propakistani.pk

  • Beware! Almost 90% of items are shown in higher prices and then giving discount which is almost the same price which you get in normal days. So they have learned gimmickry too.

    • Agreed, you need to be very careful with Pricing. If you are familiar with a Product, and knew its cost before, then and then only can you can know for sure if it is in Sale. Most of the items and I have found to be on sale are usually discounted between 2-5%, which is usually the same if you buy them in bulk.

    • Thanks for inroming Ishtiaq bhai, Matlab inka bhi wohi humare online stores wala haal hai, naam nahi longa kisi store ka warna unke employees peeche par jate hain :-) Magar aap samajh tu gaye honge :-)

      • Hahaha, haan haan KMQ wohi. Per yeh humarey walon se bhi dou haath agay nikal gaye hain. Bohat de items ki prices kam karne ki bajaye ziada kar di hain sale k naam pe.

        • Assalam-o-Alaikum hey guys any body please guide me if I place an order in Pakistan via registered air mail so the custom official can steal my item or not

          • Nope ,,,,
            You will Get your package at your Post Office !
            they are not gonna steal anything BUT maybe they can take a look at your package for confirmation !

    • Agree! i just checked for VR box and same quality VR box is available for same price at daraz etc.

    • Because I’m heard some news couple of times that they steal you orders so through which shipment I place my order & is also secure

  • Agree with ishtiaq. I added several items to my wishlist on aliexpress , now they have increased the price showing the previous price as discounted with 11 11 icon.

    • exactly, few months back i got a watch in $12 in daily flash deals whose actual price was $14. Now that same item price they are showing for $35 and in 11.11 sale price is $13. Many of items are even on higher than normal prices. They want to earn more and more profits in the name of this so-called biggest sale of the world. Another item i saw which was earlier around $15 dollar and they have set price $68 and giving in sale for $20 which is more than the usual prices.
      I will boycott their so-called sale and will wait for our country’s Black Friday sales which will be better and less time-consuming.

  • You must always remember that this Singles Day sale on AliExpress is 99% fraud. As @Ishtiaq said nearly all participating stores first inflate the price and then reduced back showing massive discounts.

    • Yes you used the right word, “Fraud” what they are doing is selling items in higher prices than normal days, by just showing fake discounts. A $9 item they are showing for $35 and selling in $20 for 11.11 sale.

    • Matlab inka bhi wohi humare online stores wala haal hai, naam nahi longa kisi store ka warna unke employees peeche par jate hain :-) Magar aap samajh tu gaye honge :-)

      • Zohair bro even registered air mail is not getting to my address.. still 3 registered products reached pakistan but not my home… i only order stuff which is not available here in pakistan and are cheap products like less than 10usd… pakpost is not even bothering to bring it to your home even if it is at the local post office… a couple of weeks ago a registered a complaint which then they delivered after 2 weeks which was a small packet of microphone and the product was almost lost.. so i will suggest everyone to stop buying stuff from aliexpress because our post office people are getting greedy with every passing day and on order stuff which are no available in Pakistan and are cheap products like 10usd stuff… so if you lost it then there wont be much regrets because post office will not take any responsibility if the product is gone to the pak post or customs employees homes…

  • Use a tool called ‘ALI TOOLS’ easily available on Andriod. It’ll show the past 3 months of prices and trends. This shows if you’re really getting a deal or getting looted in the name of a sale.

  • Reading the article, I felt as I am reading precautions before going into a very dangerous place. Do not do this do not do that. It seems that the chances of getting the product is only 10% after reading the article….So whats so necessary to buy from Ali Express?? If you can’t buy Phones, large items, delicate items, products in bulk. Then what’s remained? Other things can be bought from local markets or online stores.

  • What if I actually want to get some item in bulk and I don’t mind paying custom if it is what actual Govt. custom rate is and I am going to get usually very regular stuff which may not even have custom on it i.e mobile accessories, carbon fiber stickers, decoration LEDs and other stuff.

    If I have 20 / 30 items per delivery but items are very small i.e stickers etc will they stop it on GPO and ask me to come over and pay custom?

  • i think they should teach how to get pta from NOC and calculate taxes on chinese smartphones in schools , such is the ridicule of the local customs !

  • Had a very bad experience of ordering watch from ali express. shipment delivered in just 13 days (amazingly) but the package i received from post man (Pak post) didn’t contain watch only cell and other misc thing. i complained ali express but in the end judgement was in favor of seller. I know that there is no fault of seller and my watch must have been taken out by PAK POST.


  • Assalam-o-Alaikum hey guys any body please guide me if I place an order in Pakistan via registered air mail so the custom official can steal my item or not

  • Because I’m heard some news couple of times that they steal you orders so through which shipment I place my order & is also secure

  • Salam Alaikum ……. I ordered around 10 electronic products from Aliexpress, what are the chances. Products are pH/TDS/soil test meter, watt meter, clamp meter, mppt solar charge controller, usb aa cell charger, replaceable batt power bank

  • I want to order 02 very expensive fiber optic products. one is fusion slicer $1050 and other is otdr tester $800. should i order it ?

    1. if above is not feasible, is there any option going china through road, and buy these products from there ? like xinjiang (kashgar) or further travelling
    2. will pakistan check posts and chinese check posts allow them to bring to pak when I return ?
    3. business visa issues, if any ?

    Remember boxes are small, but dense, having weights of 5 and 8kg each.

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