Anusha Rahman Khan Visits SCO Headquarters

Minister of State for Information Technology & Telecom, Ms. Anusha Rahman Ahmad Khan & Secretary MoIT, Mr. Rizwan Bashir Khan visited Headquarter Special Communications Organization.


Director General SCO Major General Amir Azeem Bajwa HI (M) welcomed the distinguished guests. During her visit she was given a briefing on all matters of SCO, including Pak China Optical Fiber Project and preparation for launching of 3G/4G services in AJ&K & GB.

Later she unveiled SCO new commercial logo launched with the tagline ‘Jahaan Aap Wahan SCO’ . She praised the newly designed logo and termed it in line with SCO’s role and objectives.

Minister applauded the efforts and achievement of SCO in building the Telecom infrastructure in very difficult terrain of AJ&K & Gilgit-Baltistan. She assured her full support in making SCO a vibrant, futuristic and modern telecom organization.

  • This establishment based company kept AJ&K & Gilgit-Baltistan away form mobile service for many years to run their SCO Network only. After Earth Quack 2005 happened and Musharrf Govt ordered every cellular company to expand their service there too.

    Still there is no coverage of 3G and 4G except 2G.

        • AJK has it’s own laws and I think it has to go through legal process first but still it could be done faster still you know how things work in Pakistan.
          But hey you are entitled to certain opinions!

  • Anusha Rahman is silently working a great job for development of information Technology infrastructure in Pakistan. Launching of 3g and 4g in Pakistan its credit also goes to her… The bio-Matric system for marking the employees attendance was introduced by her in Islamabad and somewhere else. To transfer office file work named E-office project initiated by her, however it is still in pipeline but when this system will be introduced in the Islamabad’s offices that will surely bring efficiency and transparency in office work… There are number of other vibrant projects that she started in her tenure and I can say she is a brilliant and efficient Minister in Pakistan…

  • People of AJK & GB are still using cellular services without 3G/4G. Stop jokes with us & give us advanced cellular services.

  • tagline seems to be stolen from HBL, 3G/4G services will be seperately auctioned for AJK i think, to rip of more money. AJK and GB needs 3G and 4G services without taxes.

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