Chinese Company to Take Care of Cleaning Up Karachi

Sindh government has reached an agreement with a Chinese company for garbage disposal in Karachi, as reported in certain sections of the media.

The estimated net-worth of the project is said to be around PKR 2.5 billion rupees. The agreement will see 200 Chinese workers working in collaboration with local CDA workers to ensure a clean Karachi. The equipment and machinery will be imported from China as well.

The agreement signed between Solid Waste Management (SWM) and Chinese company Wuzung, in its first phase, will collect garbage from the South and East districts of the metropolis.

The SWM also reported that the management is working to expand this service in all parts of Karachi as soon as possible.


The Chinese company is said to provide door-step facility, which will be free of cost. Moreover, to promote the trend of cleanliness, dustbins and garbage containers will be place in the city at various locations. Both parties already agreed upon road cleanliness.

Ironically, Karachi is where Pakistan’s Stock Exchange resides and it is where Pakistan’s majority of tax revenue is generated. However seeing the situation in which the city is, it cannot get any worse.

Health Hazard

The health hazard has been growing with each passing day. Last month, three children fell into a sewer which was filled with garbage near Shafiq Morr in New Karachi area. One child was saved as his body was found earlier. Two of the three, sadly, passed away.

The accumulation of garbage has been a constant complain from the citizens of Karachi, which has seen tons of infections and Malaria spread across the city.

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  • So we need help to clean up the garbage that we have created … Hmm cool.

    But something is better than nothing I guess.

  • Damn !! another way of corruption by signing these kinds of contracts. I mean Local Govt cant clean the city they own more than Pakistan. Bizarre

  • Sab China… afsos k kachra saaf karne ke liye bhi Chinese company se rishwat le kar contract diya gaya hoga

  • China is clean? I doubt! Bring Turkey or Iran here for this, to show the nation that we rely on quality not China.

  • local CDA workers? i thought CDA works only in the capital? Good initiative though, should also look to create more jobs for local people rather than bringing in foreign workers.

  • No one would be able to clean Karachi until the people of this city learn some civil sense and neighborhood ethics. I have seen people myself who deliberately litter in front of their neighbor gates, on the main roads and even throws bags full of garbage from their balconies on the main street without even looking down. We need a change in mindset in order to clean Karachi, I have seen puddle of garbage lying outside every large bins placed on the main roads and I am not able to understand why these dumb-ass cannot throw the garbage inside? In my opinion, these chinese machinery would not add much value to our cleaning system.

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