HomeShopping Goes Bigger With White Friday Deals and Discounts

Home Shopping is going bigger and better this year with their ultimate White Friday Sales. After the major success of last year, Home Shopping is back with big price cuts and sales ready to roll for their White Friday. The main event kicks off online on the 25th of November 2016 and will go on for five consecutive days till 30th November 2016.

Not only will this promote online shopping, but the customers will be the major beneficiaries of the massive discounts.

The Biggest Shopping Event of the Year!

This will be one of the biggest online shopping campaigns run by Home Shopping, providing up to 70% discount on all electronics and fashion brands.

Home Shopping is providing its customers amazing deals on all the best products ranging from cameras to Mobiles and home appliances to fashion. Home Shopping will not be offering leftover items at discounted prices like other retailers. Instead, the company will be providing massive discounts on most of their product range.

Founder and CEO of Home Shopping, Shayaan Tahir said

“We want our customers to be able to buy their favorite brands at the best prices. White Friday Sales will give them the opportunity to pay almost half the price for these brands. We will also make sure that the customer service is exceptional, and have well equipped ourselves with the best of people to make this event a huge success.”

Unveiling the White Friday

Home Shopping will be offering discounts on products listed under the category showcased on their website from Mobile phones, laptops, home entertainment system to watches, clothing, accessories, home and kitchen appliances, perfumes, and equipment. White Friday deals will be offering discounts on some of the most well-known brands available in Pakistan providing customers the opportunity to buy products of their choice at highly affordable prices.

Duration of the Sale

Home Shopping has announced that they will offer discounts of up to 70 percent. These discounts would go on for 6 consecutive days starting at 12 AM on 25th November and continuing till 11:59 PM on 30th November.

This event will be one of the biggest online shopping event in Pakistan, and Home Shopping will be on top if its game, providing the best possible discounts.

For more information on Homeshopping’s White Friday Deals, please visit, White Friday


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    • Geeku Puter! If people argue regarding “black” Friday. Pseudo atheists like you give lecture that black Friday has nothing to do with religion, n don’t bring in religion in it. N now one with his own will instead of copying a western event name, named it a “white” Friday. So not only you have problem with it but again you tried to bring in the religion. Why? Why can’t it be a white Friday? Why just copy west blindly? You think they are superior? What’s wrong in white Friday?

      • Black Friday is also racist in itself considering what White folks did to Blacks in the USA and still doing even today, it’s recorded in history so we have words like Blackmail etc and so Black Friday!

          • My comment was in support to your comment and it was actually in reply to Geeku though! I just had another view on this word ” Black Friday” and even it’s been boycotted by Black Americans!

      • Ishtiaq chacha!

        1. I’m not an atheist, not a pseudo one or otherwise. I lean deist.

        2. I wasn’t the one to bring religion to it, homeshopping did. The tagline “Because in Pakistan, Friday is never black” has religious connotations written all over it.

        3. Where did I criticize the move? I think it’s smart given most Pakistanis are superficially religious.

        4. Be less presumptuous. It helps.

    • Isn’t Holy Kaa’ba black?

      I mean if green shrine can make people respect green (turban and all), isn’t Kaab’a holier than Mohammad PBUH’s shrine hence making black a holier color than green?

      • Well, it depends upon the context. Black w.r.t. day as you will see in the dictionary refers to as an unfortunate or sad event, hence Friday which is a significant day in Islam should not be referred to as black. It’s obvious that it is imported from the western culture.

        Ka’aba is covered with black cloth. It is not the only color that had been chosen from the beginning. But, one of the understanding as I can recall from what I heard by an aalim is that black is the color that is able to absorbs every other color into it so in the sense that this place absorbs every sight and tears of believers that sees it in love or with sins…
        Also, Rasullulah S.A.W used to wear black turban in different occasions.

        • Jistrah Apne Black ko apna mtlb dia ha, istrah BlackFriday ko kehne walo ne isey Profit likhte we Black Ink istemaal karne ki waja se isey Black kaha ha.

      • Geeku please stop making it a religious issue. Black, white, yellow, red all colors are beautiful and lively. So let’s not bring religion into everything. I respect your views but don’t drag religion in these festivs.

  • If there were any laws for the e-commerce industry in Pakistan Homeshopping would have been closed by now and its owner locked up. This website is nothing but complete and total fraud. They will artificially raise the prices of their products and will pretend to give them on ‘sale’

  • Sophisticated marketing tricks and techniques are being used. I am surprised how the great way people are attracted to buy something from their stores. Yellow friday, black or white fridays so many different names are given the days just to attract the people. what to buy or what not to buy in little salary. We are playing in hands of big companies and businessmen who are very intelligent and using all techniques to pick out money from our pockets.

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