Poll: How Was Your Shopping Experience on Black Friday?

Black Friday in Pakistan is ongoing right now and the hype, marketing and deals are better than ever. Or are they? That’s exactly what we want to determine.

Please take some time to answer the polls we have in this post. So let’s get started. Are you shopping on Black Friday in Pakistan this year?

If you answered no on the above poll, what was the reason behind not shopping on Black Friday this year?

Please feel free to make a detailed comment below. We will read every response and follow up, in necessary, to get the complete picture.

Talal is the Editor in Chief at ProPakistani.

  • That’s a trap people..

    • Omer Akber

      what trap?

      • Waqas

        People buy things that they don’t need just to avail discounts.

      • Nott Responding

        Orignial price + 40% = 40% discounted prices

        • Just Responding

          this way u still got 16% discount on original price 100 x 40% = 140 – 40% = 84 :)

          • AQ

            are you trolling him. He means if something is Rs. 100 they display it as 140 and and discount it back to 100.

  • Hasan

    nalli sites, nalli deals, nallay stores, nallay discounts, nallay loag ……bhai open market price is also less what is offered as ‘discounts’

  • IrfanAmir

    discounts are expensive on Pakistani stores!

  • Abdul

    Yes. especially Daraz, Homeshopping Loot rahy hain logo ko. Very Bad People.
    50% discount par bhi price markette price sy ziada hai.

    Jhooty and Bakwas log hain yeh. Khuda Jhoto py Lanat bhaijy.
    Pakistan Ko badname karny mai inho ny bhi koi kasar nai choori.

    Tmama User sy Guzarish hai k ik bar km sy km orignal website ya markete price daikh lia karain order karny sy pehly.

    Sab Fraud hai.

    • Umair Aman

      homeshopping usually sells items at double price.

  • Sufi

    Disappointed from daraz last year they added so many items this year they are clearing old items thats it

  • Usman Ali

    The irony is that they are upgrading the prices and then providing discounts on them. A couple of days ago a saw a camera with a price of 36,500. Saw the same one today in a deal and it was 35,500 after 10% off. Guess what the original price ascended to 39,990. And it is the matter in most cases on both Daraz and Homeshopping. Like @JohnIsCommenting:disqus said, It’s a trap ;)

    • KMQ

      Bilkul theek kaha dost aur yeh kisi ek product ka nahi sab ka yehi haal hai. Aaap homeshopping par jaiye aur jo bhi products heavy discounts par hain un pages ka google cached page check kijye price aapko same hi milainge. You said it right its a trap and the sad part is that ProPK is either part of it or is being used.

      • Syed Zarar

        It is sad to see when people come on here to wind others up than to simply read news. If you don’t like it, you can not come back than to spread negativity and bring down the atmosphere around you.

        • KMQ

          Syed Zarar bhai, expected better reply from you. When we are highlighting your negatives you are asking us to keep quite and read whatever fake news you provide us or shut our mouth and go away. THATS RUDE!

          @aamir bhai, ab yeh hoga humare sath on ProPK. You want us to leave the site?

          • aamir7

            Sir jazbati na hon,thora sabar say kaam lain. Kartay hain apka Kuch.

            • KMQ

              Allah khair kare Aamir bhai, kia karne lage hain aap mera ?? Ghar se bahar tu nikal sakta hon na bhai :-)

              • aamir7

                Jee abhi tak tu nikal saktay hain app

                • KMQ

                  Lolz, aamir bhai woh aapke home page par Top Story ke right hand par jo 5 articles aate hain unke comments box main number of comments nahi aate hain. Kafi arse se note kar raha hon but aaj aapse baat horahi hai tu letting you know. Please check it!

                  Let me know if you want me to provide with screenshot.

        • Ishtiaq

          KMQ nahi aye ga tou hum bhi boycott karien ge. Phir aap log khod hi chaapna aur khod hi perhna. This is no way. If one only has to only read the news then u should disable this comments box.

  • Ali Junaid

    That’s true not all discounts are real discounts. But you have to choose and pick items wisely and make sure to check the open market before making a purchase. For example, I purchased a Philips Air Fryer for Rs.13000 (including easypay discount) from Daraz. In Lahore’s KitchenMate store, the same was available for Rs. 21500, while some other sellers were selling it for Rs.19000+.

    So yes, most of them are fraud discounts, but there are few real discounts particularly when you pay through their payment partners (Easypay for example).

  • Black Fooliday Shame

    Go Black Friday go.

    It’s not Black Friday it’s April Fool in November for Pakistani online stores. Well, to be precise. November Fool.

  • jehanzeb ali

    I got very good deal’s on daraz.pk i bought iphone 7 plus 256gb and Samsung Galaxy s7 edge 64gb

    • Elxlr

      for how much? ?

      • jehanzeb ali

        I Got iphone for 123,000 and s7 edge 73000

        • Zain

          What’s the orofianl price

  • Muhammad bilal

    Draz pk disount was absolutly frad.I saw a low price tag on led and when I click on buy button.then the sites displays the original price instead of discounted price.number of times I teied and faced same issue.secondly I call on their help line and it was found to be closed.what a pitty

  • Uzair Ghani
  • Zeeshan Hafeez

    this is fake Black Friday Sale… i fount that i choose a deal of shirt whom actual price was 999 before Friday and on black Friday that deal is Rs. 999 with 53% discount…hahahah
    and much more conflicts i found in different website…

  • Ahsan

    I ordered two kg of “sohan halwa” from yayvo.com but they delivered me only one box of 1kg and their customer service is also too bad. I called them for complaint, after waiting for 10 minute call drops. Bad experience of yayvo.com

    • usama

      Hello Ahsan kindly give feedback how is halwa is it good did you order Al-Muhafiz halwa?I also want to order it but not sure about their quality.

      • Fahad

        Go for rehmat -e- shereen, you will love it, I used to ask my friends to bring sweets from khi from their visits but through yayvo I can get it without begging others. Am satisfied with yayvo sweets delivery.

        • usama

          OK will try them.

      • Ahsan

        Quality of Al-Muhafiz halwa was good. I recommend you to buy it. I am happy with the quality and taste of halwa.

    • Ahsan

      Finally received my order. It was misplaced because address was missing on 2nd box.

  • Ahsan

    Daraz is giving only 20% off. Agar aap PrePayment kartay ho. Us k ilawa koi khass deal nahi. or 80% off wali baat sub jhoot hai. par 20% tak discount hai (upto 5k maximum discount) main ne khud avail kia hai 8k discount on daraz do orders par. Or bohat sari products ki prices increase kar k us par discount de rehay hain.

  • Zoni

    I bought a Samsung mobile data cable and I am regretting because my sibling bought it for Rs 80 from a local charges and I bought it for Rs 250 from Daraz along with its Rs 27 delivery charges share

    • Elxlr

      lol. ghar se bahir ja kr le aatay. 50 50 rupay ki android cables milti hen. check quality yourself and then buy always. apko kiya laga keh yeh daraz walay ya koi bhi apni dukan se baich rhay hen? yeh tu dealers ka saman hei aur woh apna purana maal nikaal rhay hen bas aur daraz usko 80% keh kr baich rha hei. khair aur bhi esay hi hen.

  • Tanweer

    Since morning their app was giving issues, they weren’t responding to queries, it was written easy paisa discounts will be back by 10:00 am, but they were back by 11am but reduced from 5K to 2.5K, they had given me a sorry coupon last night worth 500, I used it but ordering failed due to some reasons & coupon didn’t work anymore, they told me they won’t be able to do anything about it xD
    Over all, as I had thought it would be fraud, so it is.

  • Em Aley

    One plus 3 handset in the market is of PKR 52000 and on one of the sites they are selling it in PKR 49819 after 40% discount by changing its price to PKR 65000. They are misleading websites and misleading deals.

  • Waqar

    one should file a case in consumer court against these store for their fake deals

    • Elxlr

      and in consumer court, if someone customer brings a case after following up with a written complaint to the defendent, its free of cost.

  • I was not able to make payments with my easypaisa mobile account.

  • Ghias Arsalan

    Zamurd Kausar & Shaista (G.M Abad OLD Faisalabad ) Did Not Talk with me in previous 25 Years till november2016 .

    • KMQ

      Aaare bhai gustakhi ki mazrat, itne dinon se khud ko zabt kiye hue hon but aaj tu kehna parega aapko. Aaap ek dafah sahi se illaj kyun nahi karwate?

      • Ishtiaq

        Hahahhahaha dil jeet liya tum ne KMQ aaj. Main bhi soch raha tha isko nasihat karney ki per samjh nahi aata tha kia kahon, phir socha rehney de yar ignore. Tum ney aaj lajawab kar diya yar. Perfect!

  • AB Rehman

    only #OPTP deal of buy one get one free was awesome ! only picked that one :-)

  • Shahid Sattar

    very bad experience with draz.i purchased a voucher of 1000 rupees in october but now they can’t recognise my voucher no.so my 1000 rupees gone.

    • That was trap by Draz and EayPaisa. My 3 vouchers gave same errors when applied.
      Fraud blackFriday Sale by Draz and EasyPaisa

    • Zaim

      I question the wisdom of all three of you who bought the so called vouchers in advance.

  • Mohsin Mahesar

    Daraz. Yayvo are comparing themselve as amazon and ebay.

    • Arslan Ejaz

      In dreams only

  • FuriousNinja

    Stupid online stores offering useless deals on Black Friday. Jack up the original prices and then offer discounts on them so they actually match open market prices. And the nerve these idiotic stores like Daraz has when they try to act like amazon or newegg.com but in reality they are just shitty online stores defrauding the common people of Pakistan. As always. Just look at their claims when this Black Friday fever is over. “We had xxxx amount of sales. We profited xxxx this year. We offered 80% (rofl) discount on every item. Everybody was so excited (I had an exciting time pooping rather than buying from you Daraz).”

    • KMQ

      well summed up!

  • Dani

    I ordered a Ps4 slim from Daraz.pk within first 15 mins of Black Friday but the order was cancelled and i’ve been trying to place the same order through out the day using easypay as payment. Easypay’s message was “error contact the merchant daraz” but sadly there was no way of contacting them. Secondly, the whole thing was a hoax. Phela orignal price Rs 55,000 aur uspa 40% discount tha + 20% Easypay discount(max Rs 5000). Phir orignal price change kar ka Rs 59,000 kar di aur uspa 45% discount likh dia + 20% Easypay discount (max 2500). Aur Rs.33,000 black friday sa phela orignal price thi so technically siraf 20% discount tha woh bhi max Rs.5000 sa Rs.2500 kar dia.

    Sadly this was my first and probably last encounter with an eCommerce site will go to market tomorrow to get the stuff i need.

    • FuriousNinja

      Yep they did this shady shit. It was some lumia phone in my case and they gradually increased the price during this black friday. It went from 6500 to 10000 lol.

    • The EasyPaisa/EasyPay discounts were a hoax. They just wouldn’t go through at the start of the sale, giving error and saying “contact daraz merchant”. Plus they started off at Rs. 5000 at 12 am and then for some inexplicable reason they got disabled at 2 am, saying that they would return at 10 am. When they returned at 11:30, they were reduced to Rs. 3000 and then a little while later to Rs. 2500. At this point I had enough and placed the order through Meezan card for a discount of Rs. 4500. And now that I check it, the EasyPaisa discount is further reduced to only Rs. 1000.

    • Disco Heat

      Contact Naveed Gelani if in Lahore. He got the best deals. His store is called Game store in hotel sunfort. PS4 pro there costs 51,000. PS4 slim is Rs. 32,000 there. Lmao.

  • Imran Memon

    Trap… its crap…. last day i visited in local market to buy a Bike for my Kid… it was available on Rs.6500 + Bargaining lol…. but amazingly found that same piece on Rs.21000 at Discounted Price Rs.16000 wow i’m so lucky that i found that bike on Daraz.pk lolxxxx…………….. other thing payment partner discount reduced to Maximum 1000…. lol again…… amazingly found Motorola xt907 at 7k at some online store and which is available now 5500 at local market…. 7k with discount actually rate is 15k…. what they think? are we really fool????

  • Naeem Mirza

    I had to buy microwave oven, I checked from market it was 7500. I waited for one day, checked daraz.pk. found its regular price 7500 and discounted price 4999, then again, got 20% discount by paying through card. Let’s see if they deliver it or not, So far happy to save 2500/-

  • Kashif

    Blinds Fraud Day was good.

  • Saad Rashid

    “Kawa chala Hans Ki chaal apni bi bhool gia”
    So people of Pakistan have been trolled really badly by stores and shopping malls. We were trying to be “Kool” like gooras and started celebrating black Friday . Lol… Do we even know the concept of Black Friday? :P

    • Ishtiaq

      Sahi kaha, yahan pe naam hona chahiye desi fraud day. Ya desi ch**yapa day.

    • KWM

      Please share the concept of Black Friday if you know.

  • Shahood ul Hassan

    Wanted to get a good laptop deal but none was good whatsoever. Such deals r available through out the year….nothing special on Black/White Friday.
    Looked at other deals too like Mega Deals but almost all were crap.

    • Arslan Ejaz

      Yes i was hoping to buy a laptop but the discounted rates were same as those on regular days so i was very disappointed.

  • Yasir Masood

    Bakwas Daraz has changed the Price of mobile two time .They increase the prices on blackfriday deal.Dissapointed with Daraz

  • Mohsin Ali

    Black Friday sales are getting worst year by year in Pakistan. I saw Daraz.pk CEO on Samaa News saying that we got 2 months profit in one day. WTF it’s not your day Black Friday is meant to be the consumer day. You need to share the profit you earn whole year with customers. This year I am really disappointed.

  • Junaid

    this year some websites and payment partners nicely trapped people with discounts and payment methods on black friday, also 90 % items are still on same price or even less in open market than displayed on website.

  • 20% flat discounts were on daraz if you pay with easypay. And you can also use double value vouchers. 2000 discount of a voucher and 2500 of easypay. You can avail total 4500 on a product which costs around 15K

  • Awais Bajwa

    On this Black Friday Sale, I had the worst Experience with DARAZ. Following are my observations
    1. Technical Issues in Order handling

    I placed two orders around 1am. The payment mode I chose was Easy Shop. After placing the order I didnt receive any confirmation. It was shocking for me to see in the morning that the orders were cancelled due to some issues.

    2. Fake Discounts

    They had mentioned discounts which were only numbers. The actual prices of a commodity for example is 10000. They had mentioned the price as 14000 and written 25% discount. This is a fraudulent description to Conn money from customers

    3. Mega Deals were on clearance items

    Old models of QMobile and other companies were being sold through this alongside LEDs and ACs. Who would buy an AC in this season ?
    3000-5000 discount on an iPhone 7 is peanut. One who can afford an iPhone doesn’t look for discount Sir.

    4. Sudden stoppage of Easypay discounts

    From 3am to 10am this Easypay discount was not available. This was against the hype daraz had generated.

    5. Reduction on discounts on Prepaid method without informing customers

    They reduced the discounts on upfront payments. First they announced 10% on payments made through MasterCard/Visa card. Then they backfired and reduced it to 5% and also put caps of 1000 to 2500. I mean come on Daraz. This is the worst thing that you could do to breach trust of customers.

    6. Call support not available
    Throughout the so called biggest day of the year, DARAZ shut its customer support through calls.


    Dear DARAZ you have nicely managed to put millions in your pocket by defrauding customers and setting an example for rest of the online stores.
    Thank you

    • Ishtiaq

      Technical issue koi nahi tha dear, jan bojh k haramipan kiya gaya tha, telenor se mil k. Aur yayvo tou aise lag raha tha jaisey gadhon ki race main kutay ko doura diya ho. Woh tou thuss ki hogaya.

  • Muhammad Ashraf

    Always remember one thing when shopping online, we can never make proper black Friday as western countries do reason is very simple, in west manufacturers are involve in discounting their products like apple, Samsung every brand whereas in Pakistan online retailers are doing just marketing how come they can offer discount when they have bought products at higher prices.

    • FuriousNinja

      Then they shouldnt do Black Friday sales if they cant be honest and offer actual discounts. Stop resorting to fraudulent practices to give the illusion of sale.

  • manobilla
    • Aizaz Khan

      Sorry but the item is not available
      Pls check back at a later stage

  • Mir1

    Was at Al karam bahadur abad yestrday.line was so long and i waited in paymnet line for 1 and a half hour and below is my experiance.
    every 5 to 10 minuts thier payment system was breaking down and they kept peopel waiting for no reason and after 2 hours of waiting finally they announced they can not sale any thing because their barcode system is down i saw so many elderly women who was waiting for their turn for hours and AC wasn’t working.al karam outlets sucks and their staff is a joke will never buy anything from them and will try to stop my loved ones..u know what..they are advertising flat 50% discount on all items but there is no sale on latest winter collection.thats another lie every time thier funny power system breaks down they rush to door and lock it so no one can steal something in dark.i realized al karam is treating us like thives not customers.shame on u al karam

  • kashif
    • FuriousNinja

      The hell?

    • Ishtiaq

      Bilkul sahi representation hai yeh so-called sales ki.

  • ASIF

    As a muslim please stop to saying black friday.

    • Potato – Botmun

      Please keep religion out of it. There is absolutely no need to compare everything with religion.
      Black Friday is never meant to affront the sacredness of the holy friday.

      I would suggest you to dig the history of black friday and understand why the last friday of november is called ‘BLACK’.

  • Sohail

    My 11600 Rs taken by Daraz from EasyPaisa and then the order got cancelled for non payment. First I thought they’ll correct it, later i was told that this order is cancelled and we didn’t receive any payment. Meanwhile EasyPaisa says your balance has been deducted after successful transaction

  • Patriot

    It was a bullshit. In Pakistan the discount on products is a mere cheating and a scam. Shopkeepers are all tyrant and money makers. If the original price of the product is 100 Rs, what they do is … make a tag of 200 rs then give a discount of some percent and sell the same 100 rs product in 120 or 130 rs. Couple of days ago i ordered a deal of two hoodies from a site. The order was of 1200 rs. Yesterday it was on black friday deal on the same site with original price tag of rs 2000 and the discounted price was 1240 rs.

  • Tahir

    Say no to the term “Black Friday”
    Juma is always Mubarak.

    • Kashif

      You mean Black color is not mubarak? What is color of Holy Kaaba Ghilaaf (covering cloth) ?

  • halakoo

    fuc…….. morons both easy pasia and daraz, transferred 20,000 rs on Wednesday in my easy paisa account online thru my bank account but till date money not received in my easy paisa account. after several calls to their help line they provided me complain no. and told me in 48 hours ur complain will be resolved but its more than 72 hours and I dont know where my 20,000 rs. stuck. shitty customer service of both easy paisa and daraz. feeling frustrated.

  • Adonis

    Check daraz fraud all night they not offered discount and when discount was offered products not in stock

    in Pakistan these cheap companies like daraz yayvo homeshopping has ruined/ shaken customer trust on online shopping


  • Muneeb

    They actually bought goods from Actual Black Friday Sales from Abroad and sale those products on their SO-CALLED sales which are expensive by imposing their profits on products.

  • Imran Saeed

    I am wondering even if our Awaam knows what’s this black Friday day — Shame on these educated jahils, influenced by Goras culture, who are promoting western tehwaars here.

  • Arslan Tariq

    I bought Kindle Paperwhite from maalroad.pk. It was priced earlier at 17000rs. On black friday it was priced 15000. This is the first time I bought something from maalroad.pk. I am looking forward to my Kindle arriving. If everything goes alright, I will be a happy customer.

  • Ahmad

    Daraz is only a trusted store in Pakistan. I boght 3 smartphones from them every things are perfect & less price 2000/3000 less than market

    • How much bonus are you getting from Daraz this BF?

      • Ahsan

        7k on Qmobile z4 and 3-4k on seagate hard drive

    • FuriousNinja

      All the evidence provided by others and personal experience with these so called online stores shred your statement into thousand pieces.

      But still, enjoy your newly bought cheap phones.

      • This is definitely some daraz employee.. otherwise there are many stores in Pakistan who could be trusted to some extent.

  • fone4u

    I have bought some fones from #blackfriday offers in Germany. e.g samsung offered A3 buy 1 get 1 free for 299 euros. Market price for this phone was 225 euro, so I saved almost 150 euros. Here market is quite established. One can check price trend for last 3 months. One has to watch for offer. Like 2 Fones i bought early in the morning and Bulk was finished in 40 mins. I will get fones till end of week will share end experience.

  • Adnan

    In Pakistan, it’s only fraud in the name of any shopping sales/discount.

  • Arslan Ejaz

    Where is Propakistani team site has not been updated for three days???

  • ABKhan

    Daraz was showing the price of PS4 pro as 47K on the picture if you choose to pay with Easypaisa, but when you get to checkout it was actually 54K. So there was no point of buying from a company which lies for marketing

  • Nott Responding

    prices were like
    Original price + 40% = 40% discounted prices
    they increase prices of all products and then give discount on that..

  • Ali Raza Syed

    Instate of Black Friday
    I had Anda Fry day and got Paanch rupkey ka discount on Anda Paratha ;)