Zong to Offer 4G Connectivity on Daewoo Buses and Cabs Across Pakistan

Zong, has partnered with Daewoo Pakistan Express Bus Service to provide Zong 4G internet connectivity to Daewoo Buses, Cabs and Corporate Offices.

With this partnership, passengers of Daewoo Pakistan will now be able to enjoy the fastest 4G internet speeds with Zong 4G internet on over 35 routes across Pakistan including M1, M2, M3 and M4 and all connecting roads as well.

In addition, Zong has also signed a branding and promotion deal with Daewoo Pakistan Express Bus Service.

In an MoU signed at Zong HQ Islamabad, Mr. Liu Dianfeng, Chairman & CEO Zong and Mr.Faisal Ahmed Siddiqui President Daewoo Pakistan Express Bus Service, formalized the partnership.


It is to be noted that Zong currently provides 4G coverage in over 200 cities nationwide through a network of 5,000 4G sites. By the end of this year, Zong will add an additional 1,000 4G sites to provide seamless 4G connectivity to millions of Pakistanis.

Daewoo has chosen to enter into this partnership with Zong because of the highest 4G internet speeds in the industry and the widest coverage across all Daewoo routes nationwide.

This coupled with Zong’s most affordable data bundles has made Zong a preferred choice of data savvy customers in Pakistan.

  • Ohhhh plzzzzzz
    First mantain the quality for current customers !
    In karachi, since 3 months my wingle is giving a speed equalent to jazz 3g and all what i get to hear on my complains is that the customer care will contact me soon !

    I remember in May when i got this crap, it had matchless speeds (not less than 25mb dload and 12uload) but now its a dream to get more than 10mb dload !

      • Hahah yeh hi hai masla shuru meim customers ko gheyro umdah quality se and after few months make them cry !!

        Looking at their agressive expansion, i am sure the quality will detoriate more. Though they have 10mhz block for 4g but it won’t work well, they need more spectrum if they continue to expand like this which i m not really sure PTA is ready to auction. Werna to in ko # of towers berhane chahiye, specially in karachi.

        Increasing number of cities on coverage map is the main KPI they are following, customer satisfaction van go to hell !!

        AGAIN for all jazbati ppl reading out, this is just my observation :p

  • Its already offering old news…. Mein ne parso safar kiya hai. But no coverage on fill motorway as claimed by zong

    • Zong is silent on ill management….
      Chaps , move on … Give us a good service,,, and earn a good name.
      Please, tell ur reps to responds the consumer complaints….
      My area has very less coverage,,, almost a dead zone….
      But ….waiting since long for ur reps to visit the area and resolve our issues….

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