These Lavish KPK Police Offices Will Make You Want a Career in Law Enforcement

It is essential to provide swift justice to the citizens of the country but in order to do so, the system needs to be strengthened in all departments – more noticeably, infrastructure wise.

To be setup in every district of KPK, the provincial government is inaugurating police assistance lines (PAL) and dispute resolution councils (DRCs); a joint effort of the police and provincial assembly, to improve the public service delivery of police more efficiently.




Police departments have faced their fair share of criticism over their lack of functionality and inability to maintain order. However, these newly constructed state-of-the-art complex—which is set to be provided in every district—things just might improve.

The PAL is set to provide police services to the citizens in a much more comfortable and a courteous environment. District police officer for Kohat, Mohammad Sohaib Ashraf added that the initiative will offer “one-window and expeditious solutions for everyday police-related issues within shortest possible time frame.”

Services to be Provided by PAL

The police, in accordance with the provincial government, deduced a list for services that they will be providing for the citizens. The list included majority of the common problems faced by an ordinary citizen of Pakistan, where police is concerned.

The services included in the list are:

  • Theft/Lost Items Reporting.
  • Tenant Information Reporting.
  • CNIC Verification.
  • Vehicle Verification.
  • Police Character Verification Certificate.
  • Police Security Clearance Certificate.
  • Child Lost & Found
  • Legal Advice.

Since the inception of DRC Kohat in 2014, there have been a total of 557 applications gathered. From the total number of applications, 413 applications have been instantly resolved whereas 126 are still under process. Remaining 18 have been referred for legal action.

Timings: 7AM to 11PM daily.

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  • Koye Karachi ke Daku Police ko bhi Seedha kardo

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          The SYSTEM is Anti PTI. Unless PTI get the election system fixed there is no chance for them.

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        And they will make lavish offices in Karachi too :p

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        ProPakistani – Latest Technology News and Startups Information

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  • College

    Have smuggling stopped by KPK police ?

    Have illegal weapons confiscated by KPK police?

    Have drug business stopped by KPK police ?

    Have stolen / smuggled vehicles era ended by KPK police ?

    Having fancy building are only cosmetic improvements

    • ImranG

      Nothing of these things have ever been stopped anywhere in the world. Your question is wrong? Use the word decreased instead of stopped.

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        What do you think about Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Norway etc

        No such things exist in many countries of the world….

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    Array wah!! Aj tak aisi govt building nhi dekhi. Haters will say its photoshopped.

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      Nahh it is real. After this building crime rate in surrounding areas decreased by 50%

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    Great achievement.

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    Sindh assembly is also built quite beautiful…

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    Good building thanks to DFID and lavish spending on utilitarian infrastructure like police stations is the reason people of donor countries feel that their money is wasted on cosmetic initiatives