Man in Lahore Jailed and Fined for Photoshopping and Uploading Girls’ Pictures

This Lahore man becomes first case of cyber crime punishments when he was prosecuted and was sent to jail for two years in addition to a fine of Rs. 30,000 for photoshopping pictures and then uploading them to social media websites.

Yasir Latif, the culprit, was accused of photoshopping pictures of girls and uploading them on social networks. The case was heard in the Additional District and Session Judge in Lahore. The case argued that Yasir photoshopped pictures of women and uploaded them on the internet, according to the complaints filed by the girls’ parents.

The culprit was adamant that he didn’t do it, saying that the charges were baseless and someone else used his account to upload pictures on Facebook. The court decided against him and sentenced him to prison for 2 years with a Rs. 30,000 fine.

The Charges and What They Entail

Obtaining the pictures of the girls would have him charged for cyber stalking while making pictures videos and distributing them without consent is also illegal under the Cyber Crime law.

For cyberstalking, a person can be charged up to Rs. 1 million in fine or up to 3 years in prison. A person can be given both punishments together as well.

As for making/distributing videos and pictures of someone without their consent, similar punishments can be levied against them with Rs. 1 million in fine and up to 3 years jail time.

Cyber Crime Bill Recap

The Cyber Crime Bill 2016 was passed this year in August. It was passed after much debate and after going through several amendments. The bill provides a basic framework of laws which prevent cyber crimes in the country.

The bill has been criticized for being too vague by the Lahore High Court but no amendments have been made to it after it was originally approved in August.

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  • 1. The Pakistan Cyber Crimes Act, 2016 is the most appropriate legislation for such cases; In fact, during the many debates inside and outside the parliament, such cases were hotly debated and the language was fine-tuned quite a bit, though not to the fullest.

    2. The Electronic Transaction Ordinance, 2002, especially, ETO 36/37 are the most ridiculous clauses to prosecute such criminal offences.

    3. If the convict’s lawyer has even a modicum of intelligence, he/she can get the conviction decision of the lower court set-aside, by appealing to High Court. You know why? Because after the Cyber Crimes Act, 2016, ETO 36/37 have been OMITTED.

    4. In short, the man has been convicted by virtue of those clauses which do not even exist in law anymore.

    5. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb….. The man should have been prosecuted with technically accurate legal process and legislation.

    6. I have obviously not seen the FIR of the case and/or the written court decision, therefore, cannot and am not giving any advice on facebook/internet forum to anybody, but this is perfect example of how you screw things up in Pakistan with a plain vanilla case.

  • What the hell…. Cyber crime… I agree such actions must be done but what about corruption? What about panama? What abount nandi pur, hudaibia paper mill, steel mill, PIA, pakistan Railway?? Why no action is being taken against their corruption?

    Jis ki lathi us ki bhaince (ki aankh).???

      • excuse me.. stop abusing anybody. you call yourself a Yuthiyan handler? and what do you mean by “yuthiya”.. I must file an FIR against your on cyber crimes… You have no idea what a punishment can be sentenced on abusing anybody in cyber crime?

    • Sir atleast appraise good steps. Such cases are in court and courts are used to provide jurisdiction.

      • I agree.. did you read all the fines and sentences? 2 year to 10 years.. 50 thousands to 5 millions.
        I’m only concerning about the big fishes! some arabic and turkish relatives.

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