What This US Company Did for One Muslim Employee is Unbelievable

Every now or then, there comes a story that restores our faith in humanity.

This is one such story from California, America, that runs counter to the increasing media coverage that portrays USA as a country where Muslims and their religious liberties are viewed with a suspecting eye.

Bryan Conn, an entrepreneur, scientist, and practicing Muslim among many other things, recently shared a tale that went viral over social media.

Respect for Religious Liberties

Mr. Conn works as an Application Scientist at Molecular Devices, a company he joined one month ago in Sunnyvale California.

In his first day there, he spoke to his boss and an HR person how he would be needing a few minutes every day in offering his prayers in the afternoon.

I mentioned to my boss and a HR staffer that, as a Muslim, I would just need to duck away for a few minutes, a couple times a day, to do the afternoon prayers. I told them I could do my prayer in any out of the way place, and they were very nice and said it would be fine.

His request was accepted and he was offered a dark and empty room with adorned with tiles. The place was near to his desk and Ryan recalled that it was more than sufficient for him to offer his prayers in peace, out of the sight of his fellow co-workers as well.

The humble arrangements were all that Mr. Conn wanted. And for a few days he offered his prayers and got free and went back to work with minimal fuss.

And Then it Happened

America can be a really strange place. One day they are electing an avowed racist as their new President and the other day they smash that stereotype with gusto, indicating that not all is lost in Trump’s America.

Mr. Conn, after a few days of offering prayers in a sparse yet adequate prayer space, was greeted by a surprise in that ‘dark and empty room.’

The room was adorned with all sorts of amenities and utilities by co-workers who realized that a member of their team deserved better. They provided a lamp, carpet, bench, even a sign at the door.

The Quiet Room is Born

It seemed like Mr. Conn’s request became a powerful idea in itself. Employees at Molecular Devices turned what was a bland old praying place into a fully featured ‘Quiet Room.’

The Quiet Room became the safe place that employees could escape into if they wished to pray, meditate, and take a mental break. This was the pluralism that America needed more of, that people like Ryan Conn and his fellow workers needed now more than ever.

As for Ryan Conn, he was so touched by the warm gesture of his co-workers that he didn’t want their efforts to be in vain.

He celebrated their efforts in a Facebook post, which went viral and has nearly 5000 shares as of now:

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  • Even many US and foreign companies could do the same for their Muslim employees, if you request them to do so. “Asking for your rights” always works.

  • BUT if you ask a pakistani or almost any muslim country to do that for their one non muslim employee tell me how many will do that, specially the question is to you pakistanis? because you consider yourself the custodians of islam or in your general language “islam ka Killaa”

    • So True my Friend, we treat non-muslims like some filth, offer them no respect, yet we demand respect & freedom while living in non-muslim states…Muslims from the subcontinent are the worst kind of Muslims. Its a Shame!!!!!

      • Define we?
        I have worked with christians and hindus and find them great people. Everybody respected them and their religion in our workplace. They were given leaves on their holidays too.

    • Buddy what is wrong with you i have Christian friends and Hindus as well but i didn’t behave badly ever with them like me there are more pakistani’s whos don;t behave like you interpenetrating. and if you would say we are not behaving but many Pakistani’s behave badly, I would suggest you that in every society there are always black sheep’s “Aisay hi ham pakistanio ko apnay ap ko bura bhala nahi kehna chahiay yar ham log bhi achay hain balkay kuch adaadt hmari Angrezon say bhi boht achi hain…be positive meray bhai:)

      • Very right, positive approach should be appreciated, At many places at govt and non govt organizations we Muslims and other community fellow men both make a good gesture for example we exempt them for their Sunday prayers and they do so At Juma Mubarik’s for us.
        Positive thinking is a seed of positive result man.

  • Islam isn’t for Muslims only, it’s for Humanity. Once u embrace it, then u become a Muslim. Unfortunately, we Pakistanis have been taking Islam for granted, not following the rules and regulations, treating it as if it was our inheritance, rather than a blessing.

  • Extremism in every Religion makes you cross the boundaries of Humanity. I have collaborated with many people around the World and saw that every human being belonging to any religion has in himself/herself a conscience of being righteous or sinful. Like us they dont feel any good in being sinful and nobody on Earth enjoy wicked life for long. The feeling of being morally right is a special feeling equally admired by every human being through their hearts their souls their spirits and their conscience. “Jo sukoon kisi ke sath naiki kerne men hai wo dunya ki ki kisi cheez kisi wealth men nahe” is equally true for all the non-muslims around the world.

  • Bhai meray wahan Imaan mazbot ha aur accountability hoti ha. agr Zohar k 20 minutes liay hain to 20 minutes may he wapis seat pr ana ho ga na k yahan k employees ke tarha k 1 bajay gae 3 bajay tkk aur wahan masjid may he so gae k koun sa owner ny uthanay ana ha wapsi pr zayada sy zayada ghussa karay ga. from personal experience, yahan employee namaz k lia time lay k ussay misuse krtay hain particularly small scale business may.

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