Geo Wins Rs. 25 Million Lawsuit Against ARY Network in a London Court

ARY Network today lost a legal case filed by Mir Shakil Ur Rehman in a London Court.

Mir had maintained that ARY News had been airing news and programs since October 2013 to defame him and his businesses.

Not to be mentioned, case was filed in London as both groups operate and broadcast in UK under licenses granted by OFCOM.

Mir contented that his name was defamed in jurisdiction and hence should be granted relief for UK at least.

Court, after hearing both sides decided the suit in favor of Mir Shakil Ur Rehman and awarded him £185,000 in libel damages.

Awarding one of the highest general compensatory awards in recent years, the Judge observed that the broadcasts were “unrelenting and calculated to arouse hatred towards the Jang Group among members of the Pakistani community in this jurisdiction”.

The Judge also found that ARY’s conduct was “plainly oppressive, unreasonable and unacceptable”.

The full judgement is available here.

  • It shows that Geo trusts courts of UK than Pakistan, as it did not filed the case in homeland country of both parties

  • If u watched Ary u will get confused that they won the legal battle or lose it still they are targeting geo on the other hand geo news didn’t show a single time that they have won the case Very strange from both sides even i watched ary i thought they won the case now after reading on social media i know what’s the truth is
    Now i want the see the face of Pakistan biggest lier mubasher lucman bloody loser he also brain wash imran khan & IK without investigation he speaks on media after some day’s IK will get to know he get wrong news

      • He is not supporting geo. He is saying what he saw. ARY always targeted and defame GEO. Those news might be true or false but problem is A news channel suppose to on air current affair and news, no where in this world except Pakistan (or might be in india) news channels defame each other with false/true allegations. They do only what they licensed to do, News only.
        If some one is doing wrong there are authorities like PEMRA and FIA to counter, news channela are news sources, not judge.

      • Listen every one knows how many times PTI workers beat geo news staff. Not even a single time Imran Khan said its wrong. He always said geo should correct its reporting. Even if they are doing wrong reporting then what is difference between democracy and martial law. Atleast Govt is tolerating idiots of Ary. All politicians are alike.

  • Geo and Dunya is pro govt, Ary and samaa is anti govt…but Geo and Ary fight with each other as well…problem is the tactics of ARY…instead of trp’s, they are playing blame game…Geo has best anchors, while Ary has nothing except kashif Abbasi

  • Oh TERI……….. QAYAMAT MASOOD OR NAQLI DANISH sahi time pe bhag liye ARY se phr to….. hahahaahaha

  • After loosing the case ARY was yet again spreading false news on their local transmission in Pakistan, which was total in contrast with what they were broadcasting in UK ..

  • Ary to kuch bhi nhi hai ab to ary ka bhi baap agaya hai bol news. Band kro bol ko, bohat bakwas krta hai bol.

    • Bol showing you real Aina (mirror) now you can’t digest. you are pro geo and pro indian ?????Geo is pro indian see their news against Pakistan.

      • Bol is running by the corrupt mafia (Fake Degrees). Now suddenly how they becomes Pro Pakistani? Aamir Liaquat is Also Fake Doctor and Fake Scholar. Jo kai martaba Islam ka mazak ura chuka hai. Kaisa molvi hai jo neelam munir seflirt krt ahi. kaisa molvi hai jo behuda mazk karta hai.

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