Google’s Trusted Contacts App Helps You Track Your Loved Ones Easily

Whenever disaster strikes, the first thing everyone wants to know is whether their friends or loved ones are safe.

Google has their own take on this with their new Trusted Contacts app, which will make it easier than ever to call your loved ones and know where they are and are they safe or not.

This app offers location sharing service for a chosen few contacts, which you can deem as Trusted Contacts.

How Trusted Contacts Works

The app is built around emergency case scenarios. Once you request someone’s location and they don’t share or deny your request within 5 minutes, their location is automatically shared. That is the simple premise behind Trusted Contacts.

You can ask people designated as Trusted Contacts for their location and they can ask for yours too (if they have the app installed as well).


Emergency cases also include scenarios when there’s no battery/no signals as well. For that matter if you request someone’s location who:

  • does not have their location services turned on,
  • have their phone turned off.

In both or either of the scenarios, their last known location will be shared with you.

This can help you locate them through their last known location in case all else fails.

Virtually Walk Someone Home

Trusted Contacts can also help you virtually “walk someone home”. Meaning that you can guide them to their required destination as well in case they are lost or in need of assistance.

You can turn on location sharing with that person for a period of time to see where they are in real time. This can be helpful to see whether they are safe or not.

You can choose to broadcast your location to one, or all of your contacts through the Trusted Contacts app.


Saturday Night With Friends

Trusted Contacts can also be useful for another scenario.

If you’re out on a trip somewhere and don’t get home on time, this app will let your loved ones back at home know that you are safe.

The added bonus would be knowing when you’ll get home as well as they will be able to see how far from home you are.

Get It Today

For now this app is available on Android only. An iOS version is in the works and will be out soon, according to Google.

You can download Trusted Contacts on Android.

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