Careem Introduces Female Captains in Karachi, Lahore And Islamabad

Careem, the cab-hailing app, will now empower women in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad to serve as captains. Through the Main Hoon Azaad! campaign, Careem will be adding female Captains to their rapidly growing fleet.

The service is created specially to cater to the needs of Pakistani women in order to enable them to travel with comfort and convenient, while being completely at ease and stress-free.

Careem will initiate the pilot project with 2 female Captains in Karachi, 3 in Lahore and 1 in Islamabad. Work is underway to expand this project to increase the fleet and introduce more cities in the future.

“This is a unique milestone for us here in Pakistan and we are excited to be the ones leading the movement,” said Junaid Iqbal, General Manager, Careem Pakistan.

“Launching a female Captain service, not only helps create equal employment opportunities but also encourages others to break through cultural and social barriers.”

With a customer base of more than 50%, #MainHoonAzaad is an important step towards women empowerment. Aside from encouraging freedom of mobility, Careem aims to enable women by providing them safe and convenient job opportunities that ensures more financial independence.

As with all Careem trained Captains, female Captains will follow the same rigorous training process where they will be checked and verified according to strict Careem protocols, to ensure high-quality service is delivered to all passengers, regardless of the type of service.

Moreover, Careem has created a separate line in the Captain Support Department to provide efficient on-ground assistance to all female Captains.

Careem is committed to improving the experience of all its customers by providing safety and comfort every time they Careem.

    • Good tou tab hai k jab it should only be restricted to females riders. Agar males ko bhi allow huwa tou phir it has no purpose. Female drivers should be for female passengers only.

  • Female’s driving as well as old man’s driving is about the same thing. City like Lahore or Karachi which are congested or populated city will be difficult for the women drivers. The majority commuters will like to travel with women driver. The women driver cannot go with commuters in remote areas.

  • Hehehe. 80% Pakistani employees wali company ki Pakistani soch hi hogi. Too much expensive. Fazul service hai. SUb se best uber hai. Uber pure karachi lahore me chalti haim jab k careem k kai no go areas hain karachi mein. Poor service. I hate Careem

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