This Awesome Interactive Online Tool Will Teach You How a DSLR Camera Works

Our mobile cameras may have gotten unbelievably good over the past few years but still, they are no match for DSLR cameras. However, those bulky professional cameras come with a steep learning curve and require some basic knowledge of how a camera works.

One fun new online tool called “Photography Mapped” will teach you the basics of DSLR photography in an interactive manner.

It comes with a simple, interactive UI and will let you quickly tweak settings like the amount of light, aperture (F/Number), shutter speed, ISO, Exposure, etc.

Just slide a bar to increase or decrease the particular settings and it will quickly show a preview of what the particular setting tweaks below. For example, you can adjust the aperture to instantly see how it affects the picture’s depth of field (the amount of area in focus).


Once you are done tweaking the settings to your liking, just click on the “Take Photo” button. It will display a result of the photo you took of the flying helicopter. There is also an “Auto” mode if you want a glimpse of what most DSLRs’ default camera settings would deliver.

Photography Mapped also provides a handy graphic about the camera’s workings, in case anyone is interested in learning.


via Wired

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