This Startup Lets You Create Conversational Bots Without Coding at All

There are a number of startups today, working to bridge the gap between conversation spaces and workloads. Amongst work-focused products, Slack remains the king while Facebook and Microsoft have also let loose their own versions of modern online workplaces.

One new startup, called WorkMatec, is working on a social productivity tool by the name of “Kazola” to bridge the gap between work and social interaction.

What is Kazola?

Kazola is basically a combination of multiple online tools to create one hub for all your sharing, chatting needs. Touted as the “one app for all your socializing needs”, it will let you socialize with your peers, create apps, and build artificial intelligence using chatbots without any coding at all.


The startup also wants to be your preferred online workplace as well with some enticing tools through easy-to-create chatbots, affordable pricing plans, tie-ins with other services, etc, and more.

“By combining chat and sharing tools with apps and bots and adding a little AI (artificial intelligence) and LI (layered intelligence) capabilities, our platform allows users and their digital assistants to talk to browsers, apps, internet services or other bots,” – Bilal Manzoor, Manager Projects at Workmatec

Basically, Kazola has three main parts; people talking to people (KazolaChat), people talking to digital assistants (Kai-Bot) and people talking to ‘service’ bots or ‘IoTs’ (Twitterbot, Weatherbot, Paybot, Pizzabot, Smart devices etc).


  • Messaging and Chat: Chat directly to your customers,work buddies or simply your loved ones, wherever they are.
  • Tasks and To-Do Lists: Create, perform and manage tasks to maximize your productivity.
  • AI Powered Chatbot: A powerful chatbot that understands your needs and serves you accordingly.
  • Share Your Documents: Easily share your pictures, documents and more with a single click.
  • Social Media Integration: The service integrates directly with social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, letting you automatically post through Kazola.
  • Bot Builder: It lets you create customized Bots which can be set-up for individuals, teams or the company. Bots can also be then sold on the Kazola Marketplace.


They also suggest a number of use cases for chat bots created using Kazola. From pizza-ordering bots to a pilot bot that will answer your questions, there are a number of scenarios where you can utilize this feature. A structured bot framework lets clients build bots or skills without writing a single line of code. Currently, they only support Android apps but an iOS version is also in the works.

“The bots will be available from any device or browser or chat client i.e. desktops or mobiles, Chrome or Edge, facebook messenger, Skype or Slack.”

The built-in chatbot that comes with Kazola is pretty powerful too and you can communicate it through a normal conversation interface. You can get it to tweet for you, ask for the weather or even message, email or locate a contact, etc. In the near future, they also plan to add the capability to order an Uber, Careem or Lyft through the bot.

Pricing Plans


The pricing plans vary from a free membership to as much as $10 per month. The Free plan comes with a limit on Messages, a 2GB storage, and limited features. You can view the full Pricing details over here.

Featured Image Credit — VMTech

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