Over 1,000 E-Challans with Photo Evidence of Violations Served in Lahore

Most of you might already be familiar with the system of E-Challan, and for those who aren’t, E-Challan is an electronic ticket charging system meant to detect any sort of violation of traffic rules.

The E-Challan system uses an Android phone and a Bluetooth printer for the job and lets traffic police print out challans on the spot as per their needs. This makes the task of ticketing the violators a lot more easier for the Police Force.

When someone is caught red handed, the Police Officer will enter the driver’s license plate number into an Android app which will then be fed to the central database for authenticity. The database will then input the type of violation into the system, and it will be printed out through a portable Bluetooth printer.

The challan is then sent to your home address and if the fine isn’t paid within the due date (usually 15 days), the vehicle can be impounded till the payment of outstanding fines.

This is what an E-Challan looks like:

More than 1000 Citizens E-Ticketed

The system of E-Challan now works with CCTV cameras as well and due to this, about 1000 citizens were sent E-Challans for breaking traffic rules in Lahore.

This system was established by the Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA), Punjab Police Integrated Command, Control and Communication System (PPIC3).

This system successfully caught traffic rule violators through CCTV cameras and over 17,000 traffic violations were observed in a month only on Mall Road. According to the PSCA, these violations only include those who were breaking lane rules and not obeying traffic signals.

Moreover, this system of E-Challan is also going to help monitor the issue of bribery inside the police force through CCTV cameras, and E-Challans will be sent to the homes of those responsible.

  • The article implies that E-Challan just makes the challan writing process digital, that instead of handwriting officer will print it now (and it would be automatically entered to database). I think E-challan is much more than that

    • I doubt what you said as the picture on the bottom of the challan page show the violation when it was done. Traffic Police can’t capture it in a second, cameras can. Intelligent cameras read number plates and might be sending it to registered owners.

  • “The driver can then pay the ticket charges in order to get the license back.” Are you kidding? The real benefit of e-challan should be that driver needs to pay the challan within a fixed time slot, otherwise penalty would be implemented.

  • I think the biggest reason some pays for a challan is to recover his/her orginal CNIC or drivers license. Whats the catch in this e-challan which forces a person to pay? If i keep doing the violations and keep receiving the challans and ignore them all…

  • I challenge. No such challaning system exists. Totally fake reporting. Such system of challanning is no possible in Pakistan as long as all the vehicles as well as persons are registered/have CNICs. We know a lagre number of vehicles are being smuggled in Pakistan on daily basis.
    So such system is not possible.

  • Tollinton market??? Really??? I dont think so. There are no signals in jail road, ferozepur road since one year.

  • the traffic system is terrible. no road markings, signals dont work, poor road conditions, poor signs and then someone makes an innocent mistake he is served a fine with no warning.

    it is basically another way for govt to make money

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