Microsoft Translator Can Now Translate Speech in Real Time

Microsoft is likely ready to make its biggest leap yet in translation software. The app uses AI-based machine learning to make sure your guide’s words are translated into a language you understand in real-time, should you happen to be in a foreign country.

The app communicates data with and from Microsoft’s servers in the process. Your guide can use the app to understand what you’re saying, too. This way, you can translate nine major languages from around the world simultaneously.

The app utilizes Microsoft’s deep neural networks in the cloud to translate speech in real-time, which is deeper than conventional translation software.

The news comes days after a similar capability was announced for Skype. There, the app could be used to translate a two-way conversation at the same time, but not any further parties simultaneously. Microsoft Translator is great in that it supports translations of up to a hundred speakers at a time!

Further, text from 50 languages can be translated in real-time, too, a feature which will be perhaps useful to more people. Of course, Google Translate has the feature too but handles only two-way conversation at this point.

Microsoft is also making sure its feature is available to as many people as possible, coming with support for both Android and iOS. Further, both the Apple Watch and the Android Wear devices are supported in order to achieve more convenience. It can be tested in these platforms as well as through Amazon Fire and Windows.

You can download the newest available version of Microsoft Translator for your preferred platform here.