ActiveMedia to Light up Lahore with LED Streamers

Everyone has heard of New York’s Times Square or has at least seen a similar place from Japan, Hong Kong, or UK in movies. Commercial centres like the Times Square look like a sight from the future with screens and digital billboards taking centre stage, displaying ads and slides, bringing the whole place to life with thousands of digital billboards.

ActiveMedia, a leading activation agency, is now bringing similar digital revolution to Lahore’s M.M. Alam road. By utilising the abundant advertising potential at one of the busiest avenues of Punjab’s capital, ActiveMedia will colour the road with LED Streamers (LED screens) over a 1,500 metre distance.

Importance of Digital Outdoor Advertising

Aside from being pleasant on the eyes and adding colour to the dull city centres, digital outdoor advertising holds great importance for businesses. Studies suggest that Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, also known as digital signage, is going to eclipse all advertising media channels very soon.

Being a tech-driven medium, DOOH advertising is a close relative of online and Mobile advertising. However, it can reach users offline and is more innovative and flexible in how it can be utilised.

Automation of dynamic and contextual advertising is one of the strengths of DOOH marketing. Content can be changed on the go depending the time of day, occasion, weather or even live data feeds.

Trends suggest that in the very near future, DOOH advertising will become the go-to platform for advertising. Some probable reasons for DOOH advertising taking centre stage are:

  • Digital screens, especially public displays, will keep on increasing at an exponential rate.
  • OOH systems with smart integration with mobile carrier data, online user data and purchase records will soon be mainstream.
  • Real-time DOOH trading is increasing steadily.
  • As digital user data increases, outdoor advertising will be the most appropriate platform with its versatility and flexibility.
  • With Bluetooth Low Energy Devices introducing beacons, potential customers’ in-store behaviour can be used by smart marketers.

Introduction in Lahore

M.M. Alam road is the commercial, entertainment and shopping hub of Lahore. Being at the centre of a city with a population of over 15 million, a huge number of people visit or pass through the area. The area is home to businesses from all categories resulting in visitors from all age groups.

An average of 15,000 to 36,000 cars commute using the M.M. Alam road. A DOOH advertising platform in the area could reach up to 850,000 people and have over 4.5 million impacts, according to research based statistics from ActiveMedia.

The initiative from ActiveMedia, will an industry first. It is amongst the first steps in making a Digital Lahore. The projects is being called “Illuminating MM Alam Road” which describes the task in its full essence.

How it Will Look

What it Means for Lahore

Lahore, or even Pakistan, is still stuck in the last century and adoption for digital marketing and content has been rather slow. As far as the centuries old city is concerned, it is getting its first wide scale DOOH advertising platform which will bring colours to the city bring it up to the 21st century.

This is only a start and as the medium gets adopted, these LED screens will make the cities smarter and technologically advanced. Other than being an outdoor advertising platform, this could have several other potential uses or it could even turn into a Times Square like tourist attraction.


    • Tum pti walay sati zindagi mian ko gaaliyan hii daitay rehna, aur kabhi kissi axhay kaam pay khush na hoona, amrica jaa kay aisi jaghoon pay 1 crore tasweerain khainch kay facebook pay lagaty hoo yahan aisa kuch aa jayee tumhain mait par jati hai

      • Bitch Please ! Firstly its not about PTI or PML. NS government has no doubt done good things too and no body is denying that e.g. electricity situation has improved as compared to previous years and governments. Its just the priorities that are in question here. Do you think we need such luxuries when we do not have adequate hospitals, pathetic law and order situation, education issues hovering over our heads all over Pakistan and secondly is their only Lahore in their constituency? What about other cities of Punjab? Do you think they even match what Lahore is today? Punjab is not only about Lahore, Multan, Islamabad and few other cities ..

        So get your priorities straight and for the well being of common man who needs health, education, protection, inflation control first and not these NY style lights.

    • your are from Karachi me too…..can you tell me what is reason behind why every thing in Lahore … named Showbaz sharief who is waazir aala of Punjab……hamara tu wazir ala b PPPP ka ha uar mayor MQM ka ha dono ka ghat jor ha saraa paisa khaa jar raha ha……..

      • After 18yh amendment the province is independent, have some study before bashing punjab. Go and ask your cm to do something for you

        • If u have studied much, u would be knowing that 58% of the Punjab development budget is allocated to Lahore, and Rajanpur (another city of Punjab) allocated 0.7% of the total development budget.

          • lahore kie abadi more than 1 cror ha bhai so why not. and apne ghar say kabhi bahir nikali gujranwala,rawalpindi, multan jao har jaga kam h raha ha :D bus ghar beth kar keyboard harh main pakar kar bukwas karne hote ha

            • Discussion is about unequal distribution of developmental funds. Distant cities of Punjab like Rajanpur, have issues like unsafe drinking water, lack of schools and basic infrastructure. And Govt is spending funds in only one city of Punjab, on orange line project which is already controversial.
              And mind your language mr. Everyone has freedom of speech and opinion. U moron.

    • capital of punjab 1 cror say zayda abadi ha. mega city ha. lahore main nahi lagani tu tmhare ghar kie gali main lagai?

  • Great step, but hope they keep tight security, otherwise on next day, most of the LED’s/LCD’s will be stolen or worst, some Gullu butt smash them infront of Police and media :D

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