Ufone, PTCL Go Offline in Large Parts of Pakistan

PTCL and Ufone are down in various parts of Pakistan, users on Twitter are reporting.

Services for both the companies are reportedly down in parts of Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and other cities.

There’s no confirmation yet, however, it appears that the back-haul cable is impacted, which has led to outage of services all across the country.

Then there are some users reporting that they got automated calls from PTCL, informing them about a planned upgradation activity on Monday.

PTCL landline (in some parts), DSL (all over the country), Ufone cellular services (mainly 3G, SMS) have completely vanished for users across country.

Exact count of impacted users or areas is still not known.

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ProPakistani is getting at least 60% reduced traffic at this point in time, as compared to our daily average for this hour of the day, indicating that a notable population (especially those on PTCL DSL) in Pakistan is impacted.



First unconfirmed report from this twitter handle is suggesting that some development work has cut the Fiber Cable in Karachi, impacting the country-wide shut down.


Ufone and PTCL have said that they are working to find out more information on the incident.

This is a developing story and we will update it when more information is available.


PTCL confirmed that its services are impacted and they are working to restore them. Here’s the status that PTCL just posted on Facebook:

We are currently facing major outage on our network due to which internet service to some of our customers is impacted.

Our teams are working on-ground to restore the service as soon as possible. We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused.

Update 2

Ufone has said that it’s services were impacted due to a PTCL cable cut. Ufone apologized for any inconveniences.

Update – Services Restored

Some users are reporting that their services are being restored as of 8:02PM.

PTCL officials have also confirmed ProPakistani that services on both PTCL and Ufone have been restored.

Industry experts are calling that this massive country wide outage could be something other than usual cable cuts. Since most of fiber cable network is laid in a manner that connectivity across major cities is redundant, this country wide outage could be an issue with the core-routing hubs of PTCL.

Moreover, its just the DSL that went off. Any cable cuts could have shut down the entire network. Similarly Ufone’s voice kept working while its 3G and SMS services went offline, indicating that there was something wrong with the configuration and not the physical media.

But since we don’t have confirmations, we can’t say anything with certainty.

Update 4

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has said that its keeping a close eye on the incident. Media brief shared with ProPakistani said that services are now getting restored.

PTA confirmed that outage was due to a cut at some places including Hub and Karachi. “investigations are being conducted to ascertain the reasons”, said the PTA.

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  • Me also facing problem in Peshawar but interstingly only internet service is not working. Smart Tv is good. 1218 also down.

  • Sms not working, outgoing call are ok in ptcl cellular network. One of my office long haul link is down as well !

  • Problem is only in Karachi or all over the country. News channels are saying a fiber optics cable has been damaged near Nooriabad.

  • There may be something else

    Simple cable cut at Karachi or any other part of country may not be the cause

  • Ufone is such a pathetic network , sab se ziada xostly 3g in he ka ha sab se bekaar bh speed nam ki koi chez ni ha bc

  • I cant understand how can my Smart TV work when DSL was not working, as this was the case for a couple of hours. Smart TV & Phone working, DSL not working.

  • Bai kaisa cable cut tha. Smart tv was working local ptcl to other isps traffic was working but internet browsing was not working

  • Guys don’t be surprised this is normal routine of PTCL due to incompetent management. You will See more cuts and shuts in ptcl. Ufone network.
    It’s just started as they are slaughtering the employees. This is company is going to end very soon.

  • Ufone calls were also effected by incident. Personally face this issue for about 6 hours. Plus 3g plus sms. And my ptcl net was down but amazingly Ptcl iptv kept working during that time.

  • Mobilink SMS service was also not working since morning 27/12/2016 and that time Ufone sms service was working but later it also go down and at 5 PM approx PTCL evo stop working. All restored at 8 PM Jazz SMS service too restore that time so it is not only with PTCL/Ufone other network effected too

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