PIA Plane Hits Another Jet While Taxiing at Toronto Airport

A plane bearing flight number PK789 and belonging to Pakistan International Airlines was involved in an incident at Toronto Airport recently.

According to reports that started coming in on Tuesday evening, a PIA plane which was taxiing in the runway, made contact with a still and stationary plane belonging to Air France.

The Air France plane was at Terminal 3 and at around 6 PM ET the errant PIA plane made ‘light contact’ with it.

Airport officials confirmed the incident. As did PIA spokesperson Daniyal Gilani, who said that the matter is still under investigation. According to him, some damaged equipment will need to be replaced as a result of this incident.

Speaking more on the incident and the passengers on the affected flight:

‘Night stop has been declared at Toronto and passengers who had checked in for Toronto-Lahore flight PK-790 have been provided hotel accommodation. All steps are being taken for making the aircraft serviceable as soon as possible.’ – Daniyal Gilani

As of right now, the extent of the damage done to both the aircrafts is still not clear. Passengers on the PIA flight were told to stay inside the plane for 45 minutes after the incident, with no reason given by the crew for the extended stay.


Via Global News

  • Hahaha! Fucking hilarious this company – its like a startup airline from a 100years ago.

      • now a days each plan taxi by itself, it was past when a jeep was used to carry aircraft for taxi

      • Your comment made my day, all the above ‘Aviation Experts’ thought that pilot was taxiiing. Local ground handling agent did this and will be charged for this damage

  • Once pride has become PIA (Pakistan In Ancient Times), bad governance, hilarious control and miserable administration. Who will bear the hotel surplus and repair? They are just playing with the country assets exactly in the same manner likewise king of THUGS (Nawaz, Zardari family and co)

    • The incident is being reported with facts. It’s not a hypothetical scenario. Secondly, this news was quoted by an international magazine beforehand.

      • Pardon my weak eyesight, but I don’t see any facts that says it was PIA’s plane fault? Your “facts” are just a re-written version of the news reported by “international magazine” that puts all the blame on PIA even before a proper investigation has been made.

      • This is the title of the article you have linked to:
        ” Two planes touch wings on tarmac at Pearson International Airport ”

        Now please compare it with your title:
        ” PIA Plane Hits Another Jet While Taxiing at Toronto Airport ”

        You are laying the blame directly on PIA and if you cannot acknowledge this ‘fact’, then I don’t know what to say to you.

  • I find Pakistani media including ProPakistani very swift to report anything bad related to PIA. Several Pakistanis remained stuck in Jeddah for 3-4 days because of FlyDubai but it wasn’t reported except by a few.
    I understand FlyDubai isn’t Pakistani but they were Pakistani people who went for Umrah and remained stuck by FlyDubai as their flight was cancelled.
    I am not claiming that all is well in PIA but please report responsibly.

    • Bhai Aamir Aata ko bhe rozi rooti kamani ha ky nahe? wo bayshak kisi organization ki ammi abbu kr ky ho :p …

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